I wish this was just a pic of him grocery shopping on a day off instead of a set pic.
A Medieval Nicolas Cage Is An Entertaining Nicolas Cage In The ‘Outcast’ Trailer
Thursday, August 21 by

Keep wanting to type this as “Outkast.” DAMN YOU, ANDRE 3000!

Apocalyptic ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’ Trailer Makes Detroit Look Like…Detroit
Tuesday, December 7 by

There’s a new trailer for Vanishing on 7th Street, staring Hayden Christensen and John Leguizamo. And from the looks of it, there’s a reason director Brad Anderson chose to shoot in Detroit.

Tuesday, May 19 by

By the Unholy Thumbnail Depicting Willem Dafoe's Ass!  FilmDrunk reports that the new Mandrake the Magician film will see its titular hero escape from an SUV that's been dropped from a plane over the Burning Man Festival (hello, nudist acid tripper one-liner to end that scene), bust a rogue CIA agent out of a maximum secruity prison, and  confront the girl he's left behind.  This makes The Prestige look like a Lars Von Trier film.  The guy who directed Willem Dafoe's ASS in AntiChrist (see thumbnail).  I just came full circle. The Best Heinz Ketchup Interview (SickPigs)The 10 Hottest Daisy Dukes (Manofest)Spielberg And MLK Biopic (Pajiba)Jaclyn Denise Is HOT (GorillaMask)Dont Be Pee Shy (IAmBored)7 True And Unrealistic Movie Plots (Cracked)Broken Embraces Trailer (Filmofilia)Haunting In Conneticut Coming To July (DreadCentral)How To Hide Your Girlfriends Dog You Killed (Holytaco)Bikini Models Hit Manhattan (BustedCoverage)Annette Dawn Is Sexy (Uncoached)Retarded New Moon Poster (Unreality)AntiChrist Review features more Dafoe Ass (ThePlaylist)

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