Hack The Planet With These 7 Movie Hackers
Monday, May 7 by Loretta Arnold

Government agents and experts specializing in testing security systems drives this hacker movie in this aptly titled film. The experts are blackmailed into retrieving a black box that, unknown by…

Say Das Vdanya To These 5 Movies Set In Russia
Sunday, January 15 by Joseph Gibson

Eastern Europe is a mysterious and fascinating place that captures the imaginations of many people. The vodka, the beautiful language, the unique architecture, the depression—it all makes Russia a fascinating…

New ‘Goldeneye’ Game Headed to the Wii This Holiday Season
Tuesday, June 15 by

Back in college, we played so much Goldeneye that my friend instinctively ran off the basketball court during a big game because he noticed a blue backpack that resembled the game's body armor in the bleachers. Now, a new version of the game is making its way to the Wii and it looks amazing, and Daniel Craig-y. My college friends have all scattered, so I'll need to round up three willing competitors. I think I'll ask my building's security guard. I bet he's good with a gun, and at spying on people in the bathroom. There will definitely be a "No Oddjob" rule in effect. He always aims for the kneecaps and that's just bullsh*t. CHECK OUT THE MOVIE-RELATED GAME TRAILER AFTER THE JUMP…

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