Are you worried that someday someone will find out that your guilty pleasure is listening to a “Glee” soundtrack? Considering that not all the songs are totally girly, and that unlike other talent shows, these performers actually have real talent, you should put your mind at ease and listen to these top ten songs from the “Glee” soundtrack.

  1. “On My Own."  It takes a particularly talented songstress who’s not overly fond of belting out songs to tackle this ballad from “Les Miserables.” Lea Michele from “Glee” did it justice with her rich vocals and even tones.

  2. “Don’t Stop Believing." Why can’t the cast from “Glee” step up with some hard rock. This Journey hit sounds a little choir-ish when sung by “Glee,” but hey, at least they didn’t trash it.

  3. “Can’t Fight This Feeling." Carrying on the love affair with classic rock music is “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” performed mostly by Cory Monteith with a little help  from the rest of the crew. Though it sounds more like it belongs in a Broadway production of “Hairspray” than on national television, it’s quite worth a listen.

  4. “You’re the One That I Want." This one’s right up the “Glee” alley. If you didn’t like the original one with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, you just might like the remake. It’s less of a guilty pleasure than listening to those two, anyway.

  5. “Leaving on a Jet Plane." Although you wouldn’t expect the “Glee” cast to do something quite so mellow, this John Denver song doesn’t actually sound half bad as a cover. You might not have heard it on TV, as it was in the director’s cut.

  6. “That’s the Way I Like It." In the mood for a little boogie and hustle? Pop in a modernized version of this dancy hit for a little twist on the seventies.

  7. “Run, Joey, Run." Lea Michele pleads with an imaginary father to not kill the lover she’s going to have a baby with. Remember, it’s just a cover, guys.

  8. “Poker Face." If you were expecting a poppy dance hit on the “Glee” soundtrack version, you’ll be disappointed. This Lady Gaga song, played so much on the radio, is nearly unrecognizable when given to “Glee” vocalists, who make a more-or-less a cappella rendition out of it.

  9.  “Papa Don’t Preach." The “Glee” gals do a pretty good impersonation of Madonna while singing this song. Of course, the original pretty much lends itself to the professional-sounding, Autotune-free voices of the “Glee” girls.

  10. “Forget You." The slightly irreverent Cee Lo Green version of this song is totally tamed down, but still well-performed, at the mercy of “Glee.” They of course sang the cleaned-up version. What, you didn’t think they were going to let the "F-word" slip on TV just because it was in a song, did you?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   --V DeReu