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Monday, November 3 by
HBO’s ‘Girls’ Offers Up A 4th Season Preview That Will Make Us Fall In Hate With Lena Dunham All Over Again
Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.02.14 AM
Tuesday, October 14 by
Lena Dunham To Adapt And Direct A Book Into A ‘PG-13 Medieval Movie’
Maybe leave her there to think about what she's done?
Friday, August 22 by
Painfully Meta ‘Girls’ Season 4 Teaser Takes Hannah/Lena Out Of NYC
Gillian Jacobs on Community
Wednesday, May 21 by
Gillian Jacobs To Hop From ‘Community’ To ‘Girls’ For Season 4
The University of Iowa Campus looking west from Old Capitol and the Pentacrest.
Monday, March 31 by
University Of Iowa Doesn’t Want HBO’s ‘Girls’ Filming On Campus
lena dunham directs music video
Thursday, March 27 by
Lena Dunham Directed A Video For Her Boyfriend’s New Band ‘The Bleachers’
Why yes, supervillains can be featured in Gap ads.
Thursday, February 27 by
Adam Driver From ‘Girls’ Likely To Be Cast As Next ‘Star Wars’ Villain
I want the lens that makes pictures look like dreams.
Tuesday, January 21 by
HBO Correctly Assumes ‘Girls’ Audience Will Watch The Super Bowl Instead
Thursday, September 19 by
Important ‘Walking Dead’ Update: Maggie Is In Maxim
Monday, August 19 by
The ‘Girls’ Season 3 Trailer Is Pretty Much Just An Instagram Feed
Even Capt. Skyhook has to admit that Ray and Shoshanna are pretty awesome.
Friday, February 1 by
Kareem Abdul-Jabaar Shares With The Nation His Thoughts On HBO’s ‘Girls’
You'd be a lot prettier if you smiled, baby girl.
Friday, January 25 by
HBO To Brings Us Some More ‘Girls’
It's the "Emma Watson" setting on Instagram, I believe.
Monday, October 15 by
Season Two Of HBO’s ‘Girls’ Will Premiere In January, Says Lena Dunham
Monday, October 8 by
Katee Sackhoff Is The Latest Tough, Hot Chick Added To Lady-Version Of ‘The Expendables’
NOW that's a woman I would take advice from.
Monday, October 8 by
Lena Dunham Goes From Making Edgy, Progressive Television To Writing Tired, Non-Essential Literature
Well then why don't you marry it?
Friday, May 4 by
Louis C.K. Endorses Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’
If this is aspirational television, you should probably get your life in order.
Friday, April 27 by
How And Why Did HBO’s ‘Girls’ Become The Most Divisive TV Show In America After Two Tiny Episodes?
Tuesday, April 24 by Frost
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13 Women Sterling Archer Has Banged (So Far)
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24 Sexy Pics Of ‘Shameless’ Actress Emmy Rossum
Tuesday, January 3 by
‘Albatros’ Actress Felicity Jones
Monday, January 2 by
‘Beneath the Darkness’ Actress Aimee Teegarden
Thursday, December 29 by
‘Underworld: Awakening’ Actress Kate Beckinsale
Tuesday, December 27 by
‘Glee’ Actress Dianna Agron