Supercut: Fake Ads In Movies
Tuesday, November 4 by

When movies aren’t selling you real stuff, they love selling you fake stuff as well. Check out this supercut of some of the best ads for products that never existed!

Honest Trailers – Green Lantern
Tuesday, July 15 by

You’ve been demanding this one since the very first Honest Trailer — so we figured it was time to shine a (green) light on one of the most disappointing superhero movies ever.

SEX TAPE Brings You Top 5 Damn You Auto Corrects – EXCLUSIVE
Thursday, July 3 by

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel from the movie SEX TAPE read you the top 5 Damn You Auto Corrects.

Wednesday, June 24 by

EXCLUSIVE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN INTERVIEW WITH STARVING ACTOR – Watch more Funny Videos Who needs to get an exclusive interview with Megan Fox or Shia LaBeouf or Optimus Prime when you can talk to the actor playing the guy who gives the pilot of Josh Duhamel and Tyrese's helicopter permission to land?  Yeah, that's right.  Screen Junkies has the exclusive – and we mean ONLY – interview with Transformers Revenge of the Fallen's Derek Alvarado. Suck on it, Ain't It Cool!!!

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