10 Best Kids Living On The Edge Films
Monday, April 12 by

With Kick-Ass coming out this Friday, kids doing dangerous stuff is back on the screen. There was a time not too long ago when kids in films were allowed to smoke, shoot, and curse because after all that is what real raging hormonal teens do. Their stories ranged from slum dramas to precautionary tales to pure adventure stories, all of which feature some of the best performances by child actors in the history of cinema and took conservative parental guidance to the edge. Let's take a look at some of the most extreme bad-ass kids ever shown on the big screen. The Monster Squad (1987) – Living on the movie monster edge

9 Weirdest Crispin Glover Moments
Thursday, April 8 by

 Crispin Glover has "weirdest moments" written all over his incredibly distinctive face. He also seems like he lives his life as though everyday is Halloween. Crispin recently returned to the big screen in Hot Tub Time Machine, and it's my hope that it leads to future projects so we can capture more instances of WTF on camera much like these…Kicking 

8 Movie Geezers Not to Mess With
Tuesday, March 30 by

Back in the good-old days, the elderly were revered as a valuable source of knowledge. Their vast life experiences were respected not only as a link to the past, but also as guide for the future.  Yes, old people were once a cherished commodity. Just kidding! I assume old people have always been considered lame, but I don’t know for sure because I never learned history. History is for old people, and I hate old people. But I will say this; in the world of Hollywood make-believe, there are a few old dudes that I would not want to piss off. Luckily we live in the real world where old dudes can barely walk. But all the same, here’s a list of eight movie geezers you don’t want to mess with.

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