Celebrate Christmas without the fights by watching funny Christmas movies for families. They're kid-pleasers and parent-pleasers because there's no really bad content, no pervasive language and probably not much in the line of a plot. So everybody's happy - at least for 90 minutes.

  1. "The Grinch" Jim Carrey is the Grinch who stole Christmas who wins the heart of a little girl, defeats the town's mayor as the annual Whoville Christmas personality and gets the love of his life back - all within 100 minutes. It's a must-see Christmas movie for families to watch every year.

  2. "Eloise at Christmas" This one's primarily for little girls, but it's good for the whole family, too. Eloise is an uncontrollable brat, for lack of a better expression. But she does have a heart of gold when it comes to Christmas shopping, and she'll buy Christmas presents to her heart's delight, even if it nearly kills her.

  3. "Christmas Do-over" Jay Mohr trades places with Bill Murray for a "Groundhog Day" style movie where his bad actions one day cause Christmas to occur several times. Of course, once he does the "right thing," life returns to normal - and he even gets back with his ex-wife.

  4. "Christmas with the Kranks" Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are frump mom and frump dad who try to fix themselves up for a Christmas vacation. Until they find out their college daughter is coming back home and counts on them having their annual Christmas party - then things get hostile.

  5. "Home Alone" This funny Christmas movie has been a staple since the early 90's. Macauley Culkin looks almost normal in his role as the booby-trapping kid who gets the best of the holiday burglars.

  6. "Shrek the Halls" Shrek and Puss in Boots are back for a Christmas adventure, and Shrek is (not surprisingly) a real Ebenezer Scrooge. It's a fairly short movie, but still great for the kids nonetheless.

  7. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" How do you resist Sally's "hockeystick" outburst in the school Christmas play? Or Lucy's plans for her own show? You can't. So you endure "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for yet another year in a row for the sake of watching funny Christmas movies for families.

  8. "Deck the Halls" Matthew Broderick hates to break tradition. But when Danny DeVito moves in next door and takes over his favorite holiday, he'll go to great lengths to thwart his plans and reinstall himself as Christmas head honcho.

  9. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" Things are smooth sailing at the Griswold household until Uncle What's-His-Name, played by Randy Quaid, parks his motor home outside the house and announces his plans to stay for Christmas with his dysfunctional family.

  10. "Unaccompanied Minors" Several kids are left stranded at an airport during a blizzard while waiting for their flights home to divorced parents. But what airport security doesn't count on is their resolve to get home by Christmas. Hilarity and painful scenes ensue as they literally tear up the airport to get out of protective custody.