As going to the movies, even renting movies, becomes more expensive, it's essential for studios to produce funny animated movies for kids that parents can enjoy as well. This way, the whole family can sit together and watch a movie and enjoy it, and everyone goes home (or back to the video store) happy. Here are some funny animated movies for kids that parents will also enjoy.

  1. "The Incredibles" A Pixar studios creation, "The Incredibles" is the story of a family with superpowers in a world where being a superhero has been banned. They deal with the problems many families face, with a father who hates his job, a mother who feels like she's getting old, an adolescent daughter who doesn't fit in, and a rambunctious little boy. But they also must come together to save the world when supervillains make it impossible for superheroes to ignore their calling. With jokes for kids and references only adults will get (like an allusion to costume designer Edith Head) it's a perfect example among funny animated movies for kids that adults will also enjoy.

  2. "Shrek" The first "Shrek" film had a charm lacking from many of its sequels. The story of an ogre voiced by Mike Myers, and a princess voiced by Cameron Diaz, is a sweet love story with plenty of antics from wacky side characters like Eddie Murphy's donkey to charm kids, while adults can enjoy the pop culture jokes. While the sequels were also funny animated movies, they did not quite measure up to the original.

  3. "Aladdin" This hand-drawn Disney classic is just one of many funny animated movies the studio produced in its renaissance in the nineties. Little boys will love the adventure, as the titular character runs from authorities and discovers a magic lamp, and little girls will love the romantic story involving Princess Jasmine. Adults watching with their kids can enjoy the riffing of Robin Williams as the genie or Gilbert Gottfried as Iago the parrot.

  4. "Ratatouille" The final film on our list of funny animated movies both kids and adults can enjoy is another Pixar film, the computer-animated story of a rat who dreams of being a chef. Patton Oswalt voices the rat, who creates wonderful recipes while getting in a number of rat-related adventures. Another hit for Pixar, it continued their reign in the realm of funny animated movies.