Friday the 13th
‘Friday The 13th’ To Become An Hour-Long TV Show
Friday, April 25 by


Probably The Strangest Review Of ‘Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan’
Wednesday, December 11 by

The ending, more specifically.

Thirteenth ‘Friday The 13th’ Set For 2015
Wednesday, November 27 by

It’s Jason’s bar mitzvah.

7 Movie Vacations That Went Horribly Wrong
Wednesday, July 10 by Stu Moody

Zombieland" Just because the zombie apocalypse has finally struck doesn't mean a girl and her sister can't trek cross-country to visit an amusement park. The park was supposed to be…

Jason Vorhees Visits His Agent
Friday, July 13 by

It’s funny because he enjoys killing people.

6 Makeout Couples Who Were Cockblocked By Evil
Monday, January 2 by Stu Moody

Scream Queen P.J. Soles takes her boyfriend upstairs for some sexual excitement. After Bob leaves for some beer (drinking and sex? You are SO dead!), Michael Myers turns him into…

Save the Clock Tower!
Save The Clock Tower! And These Other Movie Landmarks
Thursday, December 1 by

Nobody steps on a church in my town.

Somdbody isn't paying good attention.
7 Mistakes Made By ‘Friday The 13th’ Characters
Thursday, October 27 by

It’s not too late for you to learn from the mistakes of others.

Lone Survivor Movies
Wednesday, April 20 by Van Lancaster

There have been hundreds of popular lone survivor movies over the years, in multiple genres of film. So whether you're into chick fighting aliens, guys with leather masks and chainsaws,…

10 Good Halloween Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

Not every scary movie is perfect for Halloween, but thus list of ten good Halloween movies focuses on slasher films best watched with a group of people, a big bowl…

Voorhees Family Photo
Tuesday, June 8 by

Reunited and it feels so good.Check out these links with your homicidal mother. 'The Karate Kid': Where Are They Now?  (Moviefone)'Twin T*tties' Bar Event Celebrates Boobies (Asylum)Stephen Baldwin Talks Oil Spill, Palin, and Obama (PopEater)Sword-Wielding Porn Actor Dies (FilmDrunk)5 Rules of Strip Club Etiquette (HolyTaco)'Die Hard' Is Far More Hilarious in Japan (Unreality)11 Sickest Chill and Banger Songs Vol. One (BroBible)12-Year-Old Grabs Bull By The Horns (TotalProSports) Hollywood's Hottest Rides (Maxim)Fighters Union Needs To Unite (CagePotato)Rob Pats Cancels Appearance Due to Hemorrhoids (CelebJihad)40 Motivational Speeches in Two Minutes (Smosh)15 Most Popular Cult Movies Of The Last 5 Years (Pajiba)Loman's Deathmobiles (Atom)How To Know Not To Get Married (MadeMan)31 Of The Most Unusally Labeled Engery Drinks (RegretfulMorning)

‘Friday the 13th’ Sequel Is Dead – Not Happening
Thursday, April 22 by

Last we heard from Brad Fuller, he and Platinum Dunes were not sure what was going to happen with Friday the 13th 2: The Squeakquel. Yesterday on Twitter Fuller announced, "it is dead – not happening." No further explanation was provided as Fuller chose to not use his remaining 113 characters, but it can be assumed this stems from Platinum Dunes's desire to move away from the horror genre.Still, it comes as a surprise though considering the cash the remake raked in. And it's strange to think of a world without a never-ending string of Friday the 13th sequels. They've been a part of life as long as I can remember. Like my effeminate throwing ability and the constant taunting from my peers. (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Sexman Vs. Jason Pt. 2′ Trailer
Friday, November 13 by

Hollywood has made a habit of remaking foreign horror films these last few years. Studios have searched the corners of the globe to make movies such as The Ring, Quarantine, and Let Me In. But there is one nation that has been left unexplored — Canada. I've stumbled upon the trailer for a Canadian horror film so ghastly and terrifying that it will make you LOSE. YOUR. MIND. There's no release date yet for this northern gem but I'm sure it's going to be packed full of either sh*t or danger. My gut is tellin' me danger. In honor of today being Friday the 13th, I present Sexman VS. Jason Part 2. Make sure you watch all the way to the end.

Marc Ecko’s Black Rhino Collection
Thursday, October 22 by

Thanks to Marc Ecko and his new Black Rhino Collection, you can finally dress like your favorite psychopath without worrying about catching a light chill. Ecko has released new hoodies in the likenesses of The Joker, The Batman, The Jason, and The Saw Puppet. Knocking over gas stations has never been so stylish.Star Wars hoodies have been out there for awhile now and I'm really enjoying this fad. I eagerly await the day that it goes full-Elmo. Gangsta. (/Film)

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