9 Celebrities Who Deserve Their Own Roast
Thursday, March 17 by

So as long as they’re roasting anyone, friend or foe, here are nine celebrities that deserve to be roasted.

Funny Things Happened at The Quentin Tarantino Roast
Thursday, December 2 by

Yesterday, several of Quentin Tarantino’s friends gathered in New York for lunch to roast the director in only a way that the Friars Club can. They all gave Tarantino sh*t about his face, cadence, use of language, and supposed foot fetish.

Seth MacFarlane Assigned The Hoff’s Roastmaster
Wednesday, July 21 by

Seth MacFarlane has stolen the Friars Club crown and sceptre from insult king Jeffrey Ross, as Comedy Central has chosen the "Family Guy" creator to head the Roast of David Hasselhoff. The evening, which is sure to not lack in fast food-centric material, will also feature Pamela Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Greg Giraldo, Lisa Lampanelli, (a scorned) Jeffrey Ross, Jerry Springer, and Hulk Hogan. Ah yes, the wild card. There's always one of them, like Bea Arthur at the Pam Anderson Roast or George Takai at the Shatner one. I just hope Hogan is writing his own material instead of using Lampenelli's toss-outs. The jokes about black guys wanting to f*ck him won't pack the same punch. (Movieline)

Friars Club to Roast Quentin Tarantino
Wednesday, May 26 by

How could you be mean to this punim?They've done it to Pam Anderson, they've done it to William Shatner, and now the time has come for Quentin Tarantino to endure their wrath. On October 1 at the New York Hilton, The Friars Club will exploit Tarantino's shortcomings and almost certainly mention the words "Badrock; Bazooka; Benzoylethylecgonine; Benzoylmethylecgonine; Bernice; Bernies; Beta-Cocain; Blast; Blizzard; Blow; Bouncing Powder; Bump; Burese; C" Carrie; Cabello; Candy; Carrie; Caviar; Cecil; Charlie; Chicken Scratch; Cholly; COC; Coca; Cocain; Cocaina; Cocaine Free Base; Cocaine, L-; Cocaine-M; Cocktail; Coke; Cola; Corine; D-pseudococaine; Dama Blanca; Delcaine; Depsococaine; Dextrocaine; Dust; Ecgonine, Methyl Ester, Benzoate; Eritroxilina; Erytroxylin; Flake; Flex; Florida Snow; Foo Foo; Freeze; G-Rock; Girl; Gold Dust; Goofball; Green Gold; Happy Dust; Happy Powder; Happy Trails; Heaven; Hell; Isocaine; Isococain; Isococaine; Jam; Kibbles N' Bits; Kokain; Kokan; Kokayeen; L-Cocain; L-Cocaine; Lady; Leaf; Line; Methyl Benzoylecgonine; Moonrocks; Neurocaine; None; Nose Candy; Pimp's Drug; Prime Time; Rock; Sleighride; Snort; Snow; Star Dust; Star-Spangled Powder; Sugar; Sweet Stuff; Toke; Toot; Trails; White Girl or Lady; Yeyo; Zip" during a good ol' fashioned roast. Comedy Central has aired the specials in the past, but hasn't yet signed on for Tarantino's jittery jamboree of insults. (Variety)

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