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The cast of Wilfred attended the Maxim/FX party during San Diego Comic-Con. I got some quality time alone with Fiona Gubelmann, who plays the hot neighbor Jenna. I overheard Gubelmann tell the reporter next to me about her obsession with Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain books, and that led to geeking out over other TV.

A hired stand-in donned the Wilfred dog suit to roam the party, along with other FX staples like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Green Man. I got the real deal Jenna, poolside at the Solomar hotel.

7 photosFiona Gubelmann

Q: What crazy shenanigans can we expect on Wilfred?

FG: You can expect to expect the unexpected. You can expect dogs making out with animals and taking advantage of stuffed animals. You can expect lots of inappropriate dirty things and humor and sexy stuff.

Q: Do you ever get a script that you’re like, “We can’t do this?”

FG: Oh, all the time. Actually, the episode we previewed last night at Comic-Con, I remember thinking, “Holy crap, are they going to be able to show this on TV?” And it is so inappropriate and I love it.

Q: I missed the screening. What was the episode about?

FG: S&M with stuffed animals.

Q: So what’s their safe word?

FG: Oh, I don’t think they have one on Wilfred. There’s no safe word on Wilfred.

Q: So you’re reading The Strain?

FG: Yes, have you read The Strain? Oh my God, it’s amazing. It’s really scary and it’s so cool because these people, when they get turned into vampires, it kind of spreads like a virus. It’s a really different take on vampires. I accidentally saw a picture of a vampire, an image from the book that somebody created on the Internet, and it was terrifying. So I don’t recommend looking at it unless you really want to get scared.

Q: Now that you’re working, how much time do you actually have to read and watch TV?

FG: I have very little time to read as much as I’d like and watch as much TV. When I do have down time, I try to sit there and watch for three or four hours at a time, trying to catch up on all my favorite shows. I love Mad Men Dexter, Fringe. I’m really excited about Alcatraz.

Q: Was the end of Fringe this season traumatizing to you?

FG: Well, what’s going to happen? I just want to know what is going to happen? I mean, they’re not going to get rid of Joshua Jackson but I don’t know. They always have the most incredible cliffhangers. They get resolved but I love that show.

Q: Do you have a group of friends and fans you can talk about these shows with?

FG: I love talking with people on Twitter, interacting with people. My friends and I do try to get together. Sunday nights we’ll get together and watch The Walking Dead together or Mad Men. We do try to get together when we can and watch Wilfred but it just depends. It doesn’t happen as much as I would like.

Q: What’s your twitter?

FG: I’m @FionaGubelmann.

Got that, Screen Junkies? Catch Wilfred on FX every Thursday at 10:30.


The post Fiona Gubelmann Talks ‘Wilfred’, Stuffed Animal Bondage appeared first on Screen Junkies.

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Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Happiness Fri, 24 Jun 2011 17:36:36 +0000 Col. Longshanks A man befriends another man who just happens to wear a dog suit.

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Last night, FX premiered its new comedy Wilfred about a suicidal ex-lawyer who befriends a man in a dog suit. The hook is, everyone else sees a regular dog. Yep, it might be the broadest sitcom to ever appear on television. You can check out our full review of the pilot HERE, but I wanted to share with you some of the best moments in animated gif form.

After reviewing, share your thoughts on the show in the comment section. Did you enjoy the absurd premise, or did it wear thin after getting over its initial inventiveness? I’ve never seen the Australian version. If you have, how doe the American version compare? Jason Gann plays the same role (Wilfred), so maybe it was Elijah Wood (Ryan) who rubbed you the wrong way. Feel free to speak openly, LOTR fans. I promise none of this will find its way back to Elijah.

The episode opens with Ryan crafting the perfect suicide note, or at least a draft he can be satisfied with before ending any and all opportunities to revise it. He’s like a tiny, clean-shaven Hemingway, concerned that every single word matters, as it’s a representation of him as a person. Then comes the pounding of the anxiety meds with a nice cough syrup chaser. Now all Ryan has to do is wait.

But the sweet relief of death never comes for Ryan. He only looks like a person who stayed up all night trying to kill themselves. A ring of the doorbell thwarts his attempts. His extremely attractive neighbor (Fiona Gubelmann) asks Ryan if he can watch her dog, Wilfred, while she’s off at work. We get our first introduction to a man in a dog suit, with a dot of black paint on his nose to complete the unsettling picture.

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Fiona Gubelmann Tue, 21 Jun 2011 17:58:32 +0000 Screen Junkies "Wilfred" actress Fiona Gubelmann is (literally) the girl next door.

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Wilfred” actress Fiona Gubelmann is (literally) the girl next door. She’s the hot neighbor Elijah Woods’ character pines for. Gubelmann, an actress since the age of four, has spent the last several years appearing in small film and television roles, including parts on “My Name is Earl” and “Californication.” “Wilfred” marks her first gig as a bona fide star.

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