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Even if you are the sort of editor person that cares more about Eric Stolz than Eric Schmidt, our simple guide to Google + (“G+”) will make everything ok.  Follow our directions and you can make it easier to find valuable movie information on the web without sifting through useless spam.


what is google plus

Ok, maybe this does not make google plus easier


First, there’s Google plus Circles which are like votes for individual people in the same way links are a “vote” for websites. This allows Google to better understand who the really cool kids are that everyone follows.

Second you have Google plus Sparks to consider which is essentially a database of each of your particular interests, like watching movies…

Finally you have the the plus 1 button which is a basic way of saying this website is cool, or by not hitting the button you can this website is shite.

With that in mind here are a few film sites we think you should be hitting +1 on, besides of course, our site!  Keep the web clear of crap, and have a more enjoyable film experience – nothing wrong with that.

Boofi .net: Boofi is a new resource that let’s you rate and share your favorite films in a new and interesting way. Everything revolves around charts where you place the posters for your favorite films. You can place everything manually, in the way that you see fit. Whenever you watch any movie that knocks you off your feet then you can simply add its poster to your chart, and give it the prominence that you see fit.

Cuethat .com:  Cue That This is a browser plugin, which allows you to select a movie title on any webpage and send that movie directly to your Netflix queue.  This way the next time you read about a cool movie on Screenjunkies, just hit a button on your browser and boom – right into your netflix cue.

Inveni .com:   Inveni is an entertainment focused discovery engine will suggest new TV shows and movies after completing an extensive analysis of your existing tastes. On your first visit to the site you will create a “Taste Profile” that will enable Inveni to come up with highly-personalized recommendations.  In addition to these recommendations that are based on your universal tastes, the site lets you interact with your friends from all over the Social Web. You will be able to suggest movies to each other, and also to discuss the ones that you have seen in a centralized way. is a peaceful oasis stuck between the endless war between Fandango and Movie Tickets .com.  While the two giants in the space try to guide you towards movie theaters where they can make a quick fifty cents off of a ticket sale, this site provides unbiased listings for all theaters.

Soundboard .com:  “Hamsters on a plane!”  If this sounds like something you might say check out soundboard.  They have a great collection of celebrity quotes that you can easily pull up and prevent yourself from looking like an ass at your next party.  Sites like Soundboard face a lot of competition from useless spam sites, so do the web a favor and add a google plus 1 to these guys, along with everyone else on the list.


Whatever you think of the web, we think Google Plus can become a tool to make the Internet a better place.  At a minimum it makes way more sense than say creating a 51st state!


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What’s Playing This Weekend? Fri, 20 May 2011 23:23:38 +0000 Jame Gumb You look like you need to know what's playing! You also look a little jaundiced.

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It’s the weekend, and once again, the emails are pouring in, all of them asking the same question: “Hey, Screen Junkies! What’s playing this weekend?” What offends me most is the smug tone, as if you people are entitled to this information just because we’re a movie news site.
But alas, I’m just one man, a cog in the Break Media wheel. Who am I to stand in the way of the people’s will. No, it’s my job to give the masses what they want? And clearly, you want to know what’s playing this weekend. Well, buckle up, cause I’m about to tell you.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack Sparrow is back, and this time, it’s personal…or something like that.

Watch The New TV Spot For 'Pirates 4' Or "Die Trying"

It’s the forth friggen movie, so it’s hard to keep track. How does the latest installment hold up to its predecessors?
Best Review
The franchise is getting tired, but Penelope energizes it…
Richard Roeper –
Worst Review
It’s never quite clear what the relationship between Jack and Angelica is. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s hate; it probably depended on who was writing the script that day.
Tom Long – Detroit News
Our Recommendation
With a 36% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I have to think you’d be better off staying home and re-watching the first three. But if you’re a huge fan, you’re not going to listen to me anyway, so good luck.

Louder Than a Bomb

Louder Than a Bomb follows a group of Chicago high schoolers as they compete in a youth poetry slam.
Now that sounds like a film that was screaming to be made.
Best Review
Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel’s Louder Than a Bomb is an affecting and superbly paced celebration of American youth at their creative best.
Robert Koehler – Variety
Worst Review
Well, this is awkward. There are no negative reviews for this film. But I get paid by the word, so I’ll use this opportunity type a long and rambling sentence that serves no other purpose but to increase the size of my next paycheck.
Our Recommendation
Since the film is rocking a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, there’s no way I can tell you not to see this film. But I will tell you what my dad told me on my 18th birthday: “rhyming is for assholes.”

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris, a romantic comedy set in the city of lights, is the latest outing from director Woody Allen.

‘Midnight In Paris’ Trailer: Now It’s Owen Wilson’s Turn To Imitate Woody Allen

In all honesty, you should be able to determine whether or not you’ll love or hate the film based solely on that last sentence. There’s not a lot of wiggle room on this one.
Best Review
As a filmmaker, Allen has grappled with the temptations of repeating himself instead of forging a fresh path. You can feel that conflict here, and watching him work it out is exhilarating.
Peter Travers – Rolling Stone
Worst Review
Pure Woody Allen. Which is not to say great or even good Woody, but a distillation of the filmmaker’s passions and crotchets, and of his tendency to pass draconian judgment on characters the audience is not supposed to like.
Richard Corliss – TIME Magazine
Our Recommendation
The reviews for this film have been mostly positive. And like I said in the intro, if you enjoy Woody Allen’s films, you’ll love this movie. But if the thought of a romantic comedy set in Paris makes you sick to your stomach, then you’re probably better off staying home and having a nice romantic weekend with your adopted step daughter.

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Hey, What’s Playing This Weekend? Sat, 14 May 2011 00:48:29 +0000 Jame Gumb Below you will find a list of new films that are being released this weekend, along with the best and worst reviews we could find. I hope you're happy.

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Just about every Friday, at least one person emails us to say “Hey, Screen Junkies! What’s playing this weekend?” And every time, I’m forced to reply, “Mom, I’ve friggen told you before, just Google it instead of wasting my damn time I am not your secretary! See, this is exactly why dad left you for that guy who owned the antique store!”

But this week, I’ve decided to take a different approach. Below you will find a list of new films that are being released this weekend, along with the best and worst reviews we could find. I hope you’re happy, mom.


Priest tells the story of a priest. That’s about it. Oh, wait! There’s more.

New ‘Priest’ Trailer A Work Of Vampire Alarmism

Unlike most priests who do nothing but hear confessions and watch Justin Bieber videos, this priest spends his days killing vampires in a post-apocalyptic hell hole. Insert Detroit joke here.

Best Review
A surprisingly effective piece of genre filmmaking, littered with flaws but none so glaring as to sink the film as a whole.

Thomas Leupp –

Worst Review
Lately, it feels like there are two things you can count on in a Screen Gems movie. 1) It will suck. 2) It will feature Cam Gigandet. And he will suck.

Alonso Duralde – HitFix

Our Recommendation
With a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I recommend staying away from this priest like he was Father Geoghan.


This week seems to be filled with rather obvious movie titles. Priest, Bridesmaids, etc.

Jon Hamm's Soup Is Done In 'Bridesmaids' Red-Band Trailer

In case you couldn’t figure it out, the film is about a group of bridesmaids. Go figure.

Best Review
Is this the female version of The Hangover? No – Bridesmaids is much funnier and way more heartfelt and human than that film.

Devin Faraci – CHUD

Worst Review
Cringe-inducing, uneven, juvenile, overlong and painfully unfunny. It’s a witless blend of crudeness, rudeness and lewdness which sets a new low for American comedy.

Avi Offer – NYC Movie Guru

Our Recommendation
After watching the trailer, I was skeptical. But I should have had more faith in producer Judd Apatow. And since it has an RT ratting of 90%, I’ve gotta say the critics who don’t like this film are definitely in the minority. No, really, I have to say that because 10% is by definition a minority.

Everything Must Go

When a drunken salesmen loses his job and his wife in the same day, he is forced to sell all of his belongings via yard sale to make ends meet.

Will Ferrell Is A Broken And Miserable Man In ‘Everything Must Go’

While this sounds like it could be the plot of your typical Will Ferrell film, it’s anything but.

Best Review
Will Ferrell delivers a performance of implosive intensity that rings true in every detail.

Peter Travers – Rolling Stone

Worst Review
It lives up to its title in ways its maker never intended.

Ty Burr – Boston Globe

Our Recommendation
From the look of it, Will Ferrell is trying to follow in the steps of Bill Murray by proving himself as a dramatic actor. His first outing, Stranger Than Fiction, got the ball rolling. And the mostly positive reviews for Everything Must Go give us no reason to doubt his potential. See for yourself.

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David Arquette Will Direct A Movie Called ‘Glutton’! Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:48:27 +0000 Dave Horwitz Start planning your viewing parties and stop doing your raindances, D.A's back behind the camera!

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Did you know that David Arquette is a director? I didn’t. I mean, a lot of actors have dabbled with directing, so I’m not shocked, so whatever! Good on you, Arqy! That’s what I’m going to call him from now on.

ANYWAY, the former Mr. Cox, soon to be seen in Scream 4, will be helming the 3D psychological thriller Glutton, penned by Kenny Yakkel, which has been described as being similar to Misery. The film will be produced by Stan Spry Cameron Larson, R. Scott Reid, R. Scott Reid, Steve Ecclesine and Norween Yakkel, and executive produced by Arquette’s Coquette Productions. Glutton starts shooting in July in Canada. Ill be waiting at my local Redbox until further notice. (Variety)

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