Blonde Actresses In Movies
Tuesday, April 12 by Ed Mulero

Blonde actresses in movies are a common staple for many years as their golden locks become just as famous as they are at times. Movies never can resist the allure…

These People Died in 2009
Tuesday, December 29 by

People die, and it's very sad, but when you're famous, or even "famous," television networks and award ceremonies put together an in memorium video that reminds everyone that you died, how attractive you were when you were younger, and how you used to work on projects that weren't complete sh*t. Below is a remembrance video that Turner Classic Movies put together that does all those things, and also displays some fantastic Autumn foliage. Are the dead people supposed to be the wind or the leaves? My guess is there's a little bit of them in every one of us. It's comforting to know that Michael Jackson is inside me right now.

Thursday, June 25 by

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Thursday, June 25 by

This just in.  Actress Farrah Fawcett, "It" Girl of the 1970s and original "Charlie's Angels" star, has passed away at the age of 62 after a losing battle with cancer.  She succumbed at 9:28am PST this morning in Santa Monica.  Screen Junkies expresses our sincerest condolences to Fawcett's friends and family.  She will be missed. Check out some classic clips of Farrah long before her bout with the Big C… all after the jump.

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