"Family Guy" characters add much color and zany satire to American TV sets. Spoofs of American culture typically get a lot of laughs as Americans learn not to take themselves too seriously. Here is a list of characters from one of the funniest prime time shows on television. 

Peter Griffin. Seth MacFarlane plays the voice of the main character of "Family Guy". Peter is a warped rendition of a typical father in the Providence area of Rhode Island. This character's favorite pastime is drinking at The Drunken Clam with his buddies. A crass individual, Peter has a very vocal distaste for all things classy. Peter is a big fan of Pauly Shore and, secretly, Barry Manilow

Lois Griffin. Peter's wife, Lois, is a child born into wealth. Like Peter, Lois has a rather crude demeanor which is a reflection of rebellion toward her well-to-do background. However, her IQ is higher than Peter's, and she is well trained in piano and other sophisticated arts. Certain bar buddies of Peter's love to hit on this former model. 

Glenn Quagmire. Quagmire is the nymphomaniacal neighbor of the Griffins. This "Family Guy" character spends much of his time at The Drunken Clam with Peter and others. Glenn loves animals, especially cats. However, he dislikes the Griffin family dog because both Glenn and the dog like to hit on Lois. Brian, the dog, also poops in his yard and never pays his debts. When Quagmire is not drinking and propositioning Lois, he sometimes visits the women's prison and sleeps with the inmates. 

Brian Griffin. "Family Guy" would not be complete without a talking dog character. Brian is the Griffin family's dog mentioned above. Like many talking dog characters, Brian is a classy intellectual. He may pee on the rug and poop in the neighbors' yards, but Brian has a great love for jazz, opera and the French language. This suave "Family Guy" character is heavily addicted to various intoxicants like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. He is in love with Lois and feels more deserving of her than Peter. 

Stewie Griffin. Like Peter and Brian, Seth MacFarlane plays this demonic baby of Lois and Peter. Stewie is an intellectual who loves his teddy bear as well as crafting plots to kill his mother. Stewie has a deep resentment of his recent imprisonment in Lois' womb which he calls the "Ovarian Bastille" in his aristocratic British accent. When this lovable "Family Guy" character is not plotting against his mother, he is usually devising plans of global domination.