A Film Lover’s Guide To Having An Affair
Tuesday, February 22 by

If you cheat, chances are, you’re going to get caught. However, thanks to the countless films that have been made about the subject, you can learn from the mistakes of others, even if the “others” in question happen to be fictional.

Tuesday, July 28 by

Fellow Junkies, Comic-Con has come and gone, as has Screen Junkies from San Diego.  It was our first ever trip down to Comic-Con and it will not be our last, but we learned a lot.  Mostly, we learned that you have to surrender to the fact that you can't cover EVERYTHING at Comic-Con.  Here's everything we DID cover:   AVATAR Video clips of James Cameron speaking about AVATAR just moments after having unveiled 25-minutes of the film to Hall H @ Comic-Con.    

Tuesday, July 28 by

EXTRACT Panel @ Comic-Con Pt. 1 – Watch Movie Trailers After the promising SOLOMON KANE presentation in Hall H, the crowd at Comic-Con was buzzing for geek legend Mike Judge to make a return to his OFFICE SPACE form with his latest flick, EXTRACT.  He was joined on stage by cast members Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis, as well.  Comedienne du jour Kristen Wiig could not make it because of filming commitments in New Mexico.  To Bateman's credit, he was running on an hour's worth of sleep, having just wrapped on the same shoot at 5am, which, it's safe to say, is Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Greg Mottola's alien comedy PAUL…

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