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In Honor Of Dick Cheney: 9 Videos Of Hollywood’s Best Heads Exploding
Thursday, August 25 by

The former vice president’s memoir is going to make Washington reenact ‘Scanners’.

Friday, August 14 by

In honor of the very violent District 9 [Check out our review here] we'd like to salute the films where extra-terrestrials make first contact… upside yo' head (and then you die). Below are 10 grotesque clips of the goriest instances of alien-on-Earthling violence throughout cinema.CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO VIEW THE VIDEOS  "WATER MY ASS! BRING THIS MAN SOME PEPTO BISMOL!!!" — ALIEN (1979)  JASON LEE VS. THE SH*T WEASEL — DREAMCATCHER (2003)  BILL DUKE CAUGHT IN THE CROSS HAIRS — PREDATOR (1987)

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