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Four elderly men have been arrested in Georgia on suspicion of attempting to purchase explosives to blow up government agencies. They were also accused of trying to buy a formula that would help them produce the dangerous chemical ricin. Though you’d expect them to be Breaking Bad fans, it’s said that they actually devised their plan after reading the online novel Absolved. As if an elderly person knows how to make their gnarled hands work a computer.

Whether they are guilty or innocent is up for the courts to decide. However, I can present to you these ten characters from movies who are undoubtedly criminals, and undoubtedly elderly.

Ray – Small Time Crooks

CRIME: Attempted Bank Robbery

Leading a gang of hapless criminals, Ray comes up with the perfect plan. Lease an empty restaurant across the street from a bank, then tunnel beneath the street to clean it out. Sadly, his plan doesn’t quite work. but the cookies his wife sells out of the restaurant are a huge success.

Maude – Harold and Maude

CRIME: Statutory Rape

A morbid teenager named Harold sees something special in 79-year-old Maude and strikes up a romance with her. This outrages his family, psychiatrist, and priest. It’s pretty rough when a priest is giving you romantic advice.

Abby and Martha Brewster – Arsenic and Old Lace

CRIME: Murder

Elderly sisters Abby and Martha lure old men to their home and serve them poisoned refreshments. They then have their Teddy Roosevelt-impersonating-nephew dispose of the bodies.

The post 10 Of The Oldest Criminals In Cinema History appeared first on Screen Junkies.

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