Six Other Seth Rogen and James Franco Films That Should’ve Been Canceled
Friday, December 19 by

It sucks that we caved in to “terrorist” threats, but why couldn’t North Korea have come after these films as well?

‘The Expendables’ Dominates At The Box Office
Monday, August 16 by

Sylvester Stallone choked out Julia Roberts over the weekend, and his movie also beat hers at the box office. Stallone's salute to gritty 80's action, The Expendables, easily took the top spot with $35 million. Audiences weren't as eager to see Julia Roberts get fat and f*ck. Eat, Pray, Love took the second spot with just under $24 million. Looks like the call to action worked, fellas.
Then there was Scott Pilgrim… well, Scott Pilgrim just kinda showed up, slumped its shoulders while gazing at its shoes before mumbling something about the new Arcade Fire album. Despite great reviews, producers just couldn't get fans of coin-op references and lesbian haircuts into the theater to see this one. But in all fairness, it was really sunny out in McCarren Park on Saturday. (Reuters)

P.M.S. a Side-Effect of Viewing ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Trailer
Thursday, March 18 by

This is how demons mate. In the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts goes on a quest under the Tuscan Indian sun to get her groove back. Except she puts pizza inside of her instead of Taye Diggs. The movie is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer who decided to pig out and travel for a year. Much like Vince Vaughn did when he decided to make Couple's Retreat.  Watch the trailer at your own risk. I just did and it caused me to have my first period. Great, there is seriously period all over the place now. I've never seen so much period. I'm gonna need like a million Tampax. Devour the trailer after the jump…

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