The most dynamic characters in action movies are multi-dimensional individuals who can steal any scene they are involved in. They are the characters who will always go one step beyond what is expected and provide the catalyst for all the explosive action that the movies remain known for.

  1. Martin Riggs. Mel Gibson stars as Martin Riggs in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise, one of the most dynamic characters in action movies. He starts off as a loose cannon, suicidal and on the edge. By the end, he is more grounded but remains the most entertaining person in any of the movies.

  2. John Rambo.  In “First Blood,” Rambo is a Vietnam vet returning to a home that no longer wants him. In the next two movies, he becomes an American hero during Cold War America and, by the end, is once again a brutal killing machine.

  3. The Joker. “The Dark Knight” provides fans with one of the most dynamic characters in action movies in the bad guy for the film, Heath Ledger’s The Joker. He is anarchistic and dangerous and provides every great action scene in the movie with explosive danger. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for this role.

  4. Jason Bourne.  The “Bourne” movies changed the way that spy movies are made. Jason Bourne remains one of the most dynamic characters in action movies with his hard hitting action beats. While James Bond always seemed more stoic, Jason Bourne remains exciting throughout the franchise.

  5. Han Solo.  One of the best classic anti-heroes in movie history, Han Solo brought danger and excitement to the “Star Wars” franchise. While Luke Skywalker remains the star, it is Han Solo that most kids grew up wanting to be. He has a clear disregard for authority and always has the cocky one-liners that make him the best character in the movies.

  6. Indiana Jones.  Harrison Ford not only struck gold with Han Solo but ended up as one of the most iconic dynamic characters in action movies with Indiana Jones. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” remains one of the best action movies of all time and it is all thanks to Indiana Jone devil may care attitude.

  7. James Bond.  While most James Bond movies present him as a dangerous lady’s man, the reboot with Daniel Craig makes him more like a Jason Bourne character. The new James Bond is an electric character, always willing to get dirty in a fight and infinitely more dynamic than the preceding portrayals of 007.

  8. John McClane.  Bruce Willis became a star when he portrayed the everyman action hero John McClane in the “Die Hard” movie franchise. He is one of the most dynamic characters in action movies, able to beat armies of men by himself with panache and a series of great one-liners.

  9. Mad Max.  Mel Gibson enjoyed his breakout role as Mad Max, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. He starts off the series of movies as a cop but soon becomes a vigilante when his wife and baby are killed. He is charismatic, dangerous and lives life like he has no fear in the world.

  10. Neo.  The “Matrix” trilogy changed how action movies are made and the most dynamic character in them is Neo. The movies tell a Biblical story about a world who needs a savior and Neo is that man. He is able to fight multitudes of men and the films “bullet time” sequences make it more exciting than almost anything seen up to that time.