David Spade and DirecTV Resurrect Chris Farley
Monday, October 26 by

  Chris Farley & David Spade Direct TV Commercial – Watch more Funny Videos Direct TV has a new ad that re-creates the "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" scene from Tommy Boy. Many feel the ad is in poor taste given Chris Farley's sad end and are appalled that David Spade would take part. However, in Spade's defense the cable provider did get the consent of the Farley family before he accepted all that blood money. Regardless of your stance on the ethics of advertising, I think that the real lesson here is that life is fleeting and can be torn away from us at any time. Like so many little coats. [Asylum] Get a good look at the butcher's ass by shoving your head up these links:  7 Best Maury Povich Paternity Result Reactions (HolyTaco) Mark Sanchez Sneaks A Sideline Hot Dog (TotalProSports) Courage Wolf, Advice You Can Count On (TheChive) Brett Ratner's Girlfriend In Playboy (FilmDrunk) 15 Horrifying Baby Halloween Costumes (SuperTremendous) The Stink Of The Adam Sandler Curse (Pajiba) Miranda Kerr Poses On A Rooftop (CelebJihad) A Collection of Videos That Make Fun Of Michael Bay (Unreality) Political Halloween Costumes (Asylum) 10 Naughty NSFW Pumpkin Pics (RegretfulMorning) 5 Performance Driving Moves To Lose Cops (MadeMan) Earnhardt Losing Streak Reaches 53 (AllLeftTurns) Woman Pulls Whole Shelf Of Alchohol On Herself (NothingToxic) The Greatest Action Movie That Never Was (Atom)

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