"Despicable Me" characters are whimsical and the movie itself is action packed. "Despicable Me" is  about how three little girls change the life of a villain. The movie is great family fun.

  1. Gru. Gru is the main character of "Despicable Me" and while he is the protagonist, he is also the antagonist. Gru was a very intelligent child and his achievements were often ignored by his mother. Gru figured out very young that someone can receive more attention for doing bad things than doing good. Gru makes a career out of being a villain and is constantly looking for new ways to out do himself. His villainous activities become a little more complicated when a young villain named Vector enters the picture.

  2. Vector "Despicable Me" character Vector is a new up incoming villain who is constantly creating new tools to make his villainous activities more successful. A lot of Victors weapons do not work, including a gun that shoots squids at people. Victor does, however, have an advantage: His father owns the bank of evil, which is where all villains go to get money for their evil deeds. Victor and Gru spend a good portion of the movie battling it out for the Best Villain title.

  3. Agnes Agnes is the youngest of three sisters who lives in an orphanage. Agnes is sweet, spunky and loves unicorns. Once the sisters are adopted by Gru, she is the first sister to really like him. This sister is the most heartwarming character in "Despicable Me."

  4. Edith Edith is the middle sister and is very lighthearted and humorous. Edith cannot go anywhere without her pink hat and sweater. She also warms up to Gru very fast. Edith is the third most mischievous and funny "Despicable Me" character.

  5. Margo Margo is the oldest of the three sisters. Margo is very protective of her sisters and is suspicious of Gru's rough exterior. Margo is a very serious "Despicable Me" character but brings a lot of depth and warmth to the story.

Eventually, Gru and all the sisters learn to love each other. In return, Gru grows into a heroic character by the end of "Despicable Me."