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The 70th Annual Peabody Award winners were announced today with a few surprise victories thrown into the mix. On the television side,”Men Of A Certain Age,” “The Good Wife,” Justified,” and The Pacific“ took home prizes. I guess the surprise here is that “Degrassi – ‘My Body Is A Cage’” walked away with honors. Which is a shock. If the ‘I’m So Excited’ episode of “Saved by the Bell” got the snub, then this should too.

Here is a full list of winners that the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication drew little hearts next to in their dog eared copies of TV Guide:

Men of a Certain Age” (TNT)
“The Good Wife” (CBS)
The Pacific” (HBO)
“Temple Grandin” (HBO)
Justified” (FX)
“Degrassi” – “My Body Is a Cage” (CBC)
“Masterpiece/Mystery!” – “Sherlock: A Study in Pink” (PBS)
“American Masters” – “LennonNYC” (PBS)
“American Masters” – Elia Kazan: A Letter to Elia” (PBS)
“Great Performances” – “MacBeth” (PBS)
“Art21″ – “Wiliam Kentridge: Anything is Possible”  (PBS)
“Independent Lens” -  “Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian” (PBS)

International winners include:

“Report on a New Generation of Migrant Works in China” (Phoenix InfoNews Channel)
“Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children (BBC Four)

Radio winners include:

“The Moth Radio Hour”
“Radiolab” (WNYC)
“Lucia’s Letter” (WGCU)
“The Promised Land with Majora Carter” (Public Radio, American Public Media)
“Trafficked” (Youth Radio)
“Covering Pakistan: War, Flood and Social Issues” (NPR)
“Behind the Bail Bond System” (NPR)
“Seeking Justice for Campus Rapes” (NPR)

In the News arena, winners include:

“Coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill” (CNN)
“Reality Check: Where Are the Jobs?” (WTHR)
“Who Killed Doc?” (KSTP)
“Bitter Lessons” (WFAA)
“The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today” (WILL)

Documentary winners included:

“If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” (HBO)
“Wonders of the Solar System with Brian Cox” (BBC)
“Magic and Bird: A Courtship of Rivals” (HBO)
“30 for 30″ (ESPN)
“American Experience” – “My Lai” (PBS)
“P.O.V” – “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” (PBS)
“FRONTLINE” – “The Wounded Patrol” (PBS)
“For Neda” (HBO Films)
“12th and Delaware” (HBO Films)
“Burma VJ” (HBO Films)”

The post Surprise Winners Take Home Peabody Award Gold appeared first on Screen Junkies.

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