"Degrassi" is a Canadian TV franchise dating back to 1979 that is now in its fourth iteration of Degrassi characters and storylines. "Degrassi" is a teen drama that follows a group of students at Degrassi Community School as they cope with a variety of teen issues, including peer pressure, drug abuse, pregnancy and sexual identity. The show has featured a large and varied cast of characters over the years. The current show in the franchise has several notable regular characters, including these top 10, whose troubles and triumphs give the show its appeal.

  1. Drew Torres. Played by Luke Bilyk, Drew is an attractive and charming playboy and good-time guy. He cares about football and girls, but he's not interested in homework or commitment.

  2. Adam Torres. Drew's younger brother, played by Jordan Todosey, is more reserved than his brother, but he uses his wit to navigate the complex social world the "Degrassi" characters inhabit. Adam is a female to male transgender character.

  3. Eli Goldsworthy. Munro Chambers' "Degrassi" character is an outsider by choice, proud to be different and not motivated to fit in. Unfortunately, daring to be different can be dangerous in teen social circles and gets him unwanted attention from school bullies. Eli is best known for driving a hearse to school every day.

  4. Bianca DeSousa. Alicia Josipovic portrays Bianca, a sassy tough-girl who likes to give people lip, but won't take it. This "Degrassi" character is the show's provocative bad girl.

  5. Holly J. Sinclair. Holly, an abrasive control-freak played by Charlotte Arnold, wants to be the boss of the school and everyone in it. She insists on being called "Holly J." and never "Holly."

  6. Declan Coyne. Landon Liboiron's "Degrassi" character Declan is a prep school transfer who doesn't plan on sticking around Degrassi for long. He does, however, plan on making the most of dating opportunities before his diplomat father whisks him and his sister, Fiona, off to the next private school.

  7. Fiona Coyne. Declan's little sister is acted by Annie Clark. Her jet-setting lifestyle makes her appear aloof and proves to be an obstacle to fitting in at Degrassi Community School.

  8. K.C. Guthrie. K.C. is trying to overcome a troubled past with some level of success. This sarcastic skater-boy "Degrassi" character played by Sam Earle has made the cut for Degrassi's gifted class and basketball team.

  9. Alli Bhandari. Alli is Degrassi's conservative Muslim-raised teen. Melinda Shankar's rebellious depiction of Alli shows that she wants to make her mark at Degrassi. Alli's brother, Sav, is also a regular "Degrassi" character.

  10. Sav Bhandari. Raymond Ablack's Sav is a teen who longs to live on his own terms, while balancing his desires with his conservative parents' wishes for him to become an engineer and settle down with an Indian woman. He plays in a rock band.

- Anna Roberts