To correspond with the releases of the “Dead Space” and “Dead Space 2” video games, developer EA also released two "Dead Space" movies to give backstory to the events of the games. These "Dead Space" movies feature stylized anime animations, function as prequels to the games and are every bit as violent and gruesome as their console counterparts.

  1. “Dead Space: Downfall” The first "Dead Space" movie is set directly before the events of the first video game, “Dead Space: Downfall” tells the story of how the USG Ishimura mining ship comes across an alien planet called Aegis VII and finds the Red Marker. As they take the Red Marker aboard, a violent craze overcomes its residents and the Necromorph monsters invade the ship, killing anything in their way. The film ends with the arrival of the Kellion, the beginning of the first “Dead Space” video game.

  2. “Dead Space: Aftermath” The second "Dead Space" movie bridges the gap between “Dead Space” and “Dead Space 2,” telling the story of the crew USG O’Bannon who is tasked with stabilizing the mining planet Aegis VII and retrieving fragments of the Red Marker destroyed in the first game. As soon as pieces are found, the Necromorphs return and all hell breaks loose, segueing into the second video game. The story is told in pieces as the survivors recount what they saw in an interrogation room with each survivor’s tale using a different animated style. Like the first Dead Space movie, “Aftermath” ends where “Dead Space 2” begins.