Joe Dirt
Crackle Says A Million People Have Watched ‘Joe Dirt 2′ In Five Days
Tuesday, July 21 by

The whole thing, or just like 20 seconds of it?

joe dirt 2
‘Joe Dirt 2′ Involves Time Travel
Wednesday, June 3 by

I’m not 100% this movie is scientifically-accurate.

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‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’ Will Premiere July 16th On…Crackle?
Tuesday, April 14 by

What the hell’s a Crackle? The candy bar.

‘Tommy Boy’ Gag Reel
Monday, May 13 by

The fat guy’s little coat malfunctioned more often than the shark in ‘Jaws’.

This will make money.
Adam Sandler Spawns A ‘Grown Ups’ Sequel
Wednesday, December 7 by

More like GROAN Ups. Amirite?

Joe Dirt Quotes
Wednesday, August 10 by Andrew Jett

The best “Joe Dirt” quotes come from the title character himself. Backed by a talented supporting cast, David Spade plays the quirky Joe Dirt in this 2001 movie. Throughout its…

Adam Sandler To Make ‘Three Men And A Baby: The Annoying Version’?
Monday, August 1 by

Oh yeah, and the men are in a polyamorous gay relationship now.

Joe Dirt Cast
Tuesday, July 26 by Courtney Ferry

Want to get to know the "Joe Dirt" cast? If so, keep reading because here we've made a list of the cast of "Joe Dirt," and we've included some useful…

College Movies That Never Get Old
College Movies That Never Get Old
Tuesday, July 12 by

Your were not nearly as cool as you think you were during those 4.5 years you spent at junior college, which is why these college movies that never get old.

Review: ‘Grown Ups’
Friday, June 25 by

Grown Ups PG-13, 98min., 2010 Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schiender, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolph, Colin Quinn, Tim Meadows and Steve Buscemi Directed by Dennis Dugean Screenplay Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf   Throughout the 98 minutes of Grown Ups your brain keeps nudging you to just repeat these words: “It's no surprise, because it's an Adam Sandler movie.”   Here we have a full-fledged cast of comedians from Sandler, to Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and yes, even the forever slave to Sandler movies, Rob Schneider counts as a comic, telling no jokes and just delivering kick to the balls or pie in the face moments.   It's no surprise because it's an Adam Sandler movie. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Grown Ups’ Trailer Makes Us Nostalgic for Laughs
Friday, April 16 by

Rock and Spade watching playback. Last summer, Adam Sandler decided he wanted to take a New England vacation with his buddies and stare at Salma Hayek's cans all day. A film crew tagged along and now we have Grown Ups. The film assumes the very believable premise of five guys who were childhood friends but haven't seen one another since they were twelve years old, so they decide to get to know one another again thirty years later. This isn't very different from the teaser we already saw. They just made more room for pee jokes. The movie opens June 25th and stars SNL's cast circa 1992 with the notable busty additions of Salma and Kevin James. Watch Kevin James make a sissy after the jump.

‘Grown Ups’ Teaser Trailer Not Appealing to Grown Ups
Friday, November 13 by

We're making money right now. Hahahaha! Adam Sandler and the rest of his friends are starring in the movie Grown Ups, adapted from a Dockers commercial. I'm sure a lot will get lost in translation though, like the humor, so we'll have to watch a bunch of formerly hilarious comedians fishing instead of personable model-types. In all honesty though, why the hell wouldn't this group make this movie? They're guaranteed sh*tloads of benjamins, and they get to hang out, laugh, and swing from ropes all day. Sure, Chris Farley is throwing a tantrum in heaven over the sight of Kevin James playing a role clearly intended for him, but I think we all know digitally placing him in the film wouldn't have worked out any better. The ground breaking concept of Grown Ups is about five good friends reuniting for a Fourth of July holiday weekend thirty years after their high school graduation. No, it's not The Big Chill. I know, but no. Check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

Friday, November 13 by

Director: Dennis DuganCast: Adam Sandler, Selma Hayek, David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob SchneiderSynopsis: Thirty years after their high school graduation, five good friends reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

David Spade and DirecTV Resurrect Chris Farley
Monday, October 26 by

  Chris Farley & David Spade Direct TV Commercial – Watch more Funny Videos Direct TV has a new ad that re-creates the "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" scene from Tommy Boy. Many feel the ad is in poor taste given Chris Farley's sad end and are appalled that David Spade would take part. However, in Spade's defense the cable provider did get the consent of the Farley family before he accepted all that blood money. Regardless of your stance on the ethics of advertising, I think that the real lesson here is that life is fleeting and can be torn away from us at any time. Like so many little coats. [Asylum] Get a good look at the butcher's ass by shoving your head up these links:  7 Best Maury Povich Paternity Result Reactions (HolyTaco) Mark Sanchez Sneaks A Sideline Hot Dog (TotalProSports) Courage Wolf, Advice You Can Count On (TheChive) Brett Ratner's Girlfriend In Playboy (FilmDrunk) 15 Horrifying Baby Halloween Costumes (SuperTremendous) The Stink Of The Adam Sandler Curse (Pajiba) Miranda Kerr Poses On A Rooftop (CelebJihad) A Collection of Videos That Make Fun Of Michael Bay (Unreality) Political Halloween Costumes (Asylum) 10 Naughty NSFW Pumpkin Pics (RegretfulMorning) 5 Performance Driving Moves To Lose Cops (MadeMan) Earnhardt Losing Streak Reaches 53 (AllLeftTurns) Woman Pulls Whole Shelf Of Alchohol On Herself (NothingToxic) The Greatest Action Movie That Never Was (Atom)

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