"date night" quotes are written and delivered by some of the funniest people in Hollywood. "Date Night" is a movie about Claire and Phil, a bored married couple and their very specia date night. However, with a case of mistaken identity, their date night becomes a bit more exceptional.

  1. "If we are going to pay this much for crab it better sing and dance and introduce us to the Little Mermaid!" This funny quote comes from Claire who is played by the hilarious Tina Fey. Claire and Phil have been discussing the price of restaurants that are suitable for their date night. Claire basically doesn't understand why some restaurants make customers pay more for the same food than other restaurants. This quote is so funny because most Americans completely understand what Claire is saying.

  2. "Three guys at once? That's a nightmare. That is literally a recurring stress dream that I have. I can only think of jobs for two. Oh, no, I got it."Another zinger from Claire. This quote comes from a great conversation Claire is having with her friend Haley. Haley has a marriage that Claire is jealous of or so she thought. Previous to this quote, Hayley had just told Claire that she fantasizes about having three guys at the same time. It takes Claire a moment to understand what Haley is talking about. But quotes like this make "Date Night" outstandingly funny.

  3. "Hey, zip your face!" This hilarious quote comes from Phil in the middle of an argument with Taste and Whippit. Phil has had enough of their overbearing attitudes and tries to sound tough. However, he ends up sounding silly and that is exactly what "Date Night" is all about.