Thes date night movies are flicks that will set the mood for you and your romantic interest. The flirty characters in the stories are carrying heavy emotions and strong desires. If you and your date make it to the end of these movies, you’ll find out whether the characters end up broken hearted or victorious in love.

  1. “Dirty Dancing.” This date night movie is all about the forbidden love between Johnny Castle, a dance instructor, and Baby, his pupil. Their dirty dance routines don’t exactly thrill Baby’s family. Under the direction of Emile Ardolino, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze head the cast. If you don’t watch this date night movie, at least hunt down the soundtrack. “Dirty Dancing” won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Music.

  2. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Just like most married couples, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are having trouble keeping the romance alive. However, events heat up when they both reveal their secrets to each other. They’re both assassins. And they’ve been ordered to kill each other. In this date night, romance turns into bloodthirsty action as Mr. and Mrs. Smith duck and dodge through trouble. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starred in this 2005 remake.

  3. “Bringing Up Baby.” If you’re looking for a classic flick to serve as your date night movie, watch Howard Hawk’s “Bringing Up Baby” from 1938. Strange events lead the solemn Dr. David Huxley and the careless Susan Vance on a quest to recapture a leopard named Baby. Their misadventures lead to a budding romance. Cary Grant starred as Dr. Huxley and Katherine Hepburn played Susan.

  4. “When Harry Met Sally.” In this date night movie, two old friends--Harry and Sally, of course–wrestle with their fears of becoming lovers. Rob Reiner directed this 1989 romantic comedy. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan took the leading roles of Harry Burns and Sally Albright.

- Sheldon Reid