Not even interested.
Let’s All Shut Up About Tosh’s Rape Joke
Thursday, July 12 by

My opinion matters just as much as yours. Which is to say, not at all.

5 Funny and Entertaining Comedy Central Comedians
Thursday, October 20 by Shawn Lealos

While the network features a number of funny shows such as “South Park” and “Futurama,” Comedy Central's commedians remain at the center of much of the programming. Whether these comedians…

Tosh.0 Episodes
Tuesday, August 16 by Amanda Ferguson

"Tosh.0" episodes are funny and subtly brilliant. Daniel Tosh hosts this show that explores funny videos on the internet. With each episode of "Tosh.0", Daniel Tosh takes no prisoners for…

Daniel Tosh Getting Animated For ‘Brickleberry’
Monday, August 15 by

Comedy Central loves paying this guy.

Tosh.0 Still Brings the Pain
Tuesday, January 12 by

Tosh.0 Still Brings the Pain – Watch more Funny VideosDaniel Tosh is back to bring you the best viral videos on the web, and even hunt down and interview the whackjobs who are the featured stars/victims/sad excuses for the gift of life. Tosh.0 is a show for folks who are restricted from surfing the Internet all day to look at footage that would make Darwin roll over in his grave, and for folks who just like the funny boiled down and brought to them on a silver platter. Check out the quick preview of Tosh.0 above, and then tune into the premiere of the second season Wednesday January 13th at 10:30 E/P on Comedy Central.

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