The "Couples Retreat" cast is full of amazing comedic actors with a reputation for making incredible hit movies. The cast members are from a comedic background in acting and the couples play off each another's talents and abilities. This movie is all about trying to make a couple last. The cast members all bring something epic to the screen, but they do so with the utmost subtly.

  1. Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn as Dave is nothing short of brilliant in this role. As usual, Vaughn is naturally hilarious. His height pairs perfectly with his on-screen wife. He is large in size, but shrivels when it comes to some of their couples exercises. He leads this brilliant pack of actors in "Couples Retreat."

  2. Malin Akerman Malin Akerman is petite, but her comedic abilities are huge in "Couples Retreat." She is a concerned wife whose marriage is in jeopardy. Akerman complements Vince Vaughn's character very well. He is more abrasive; she is more sweet and together they are the perfect marriage of comedy and heart.

  3. Jason Bateman As Jason Smith decides to go to a couple's counseling retreat and wants a group rate. Little does Jason know that this "Couples Retreat" is going to test his friends' marriages as well. Jason Bateman is intelligently humorous. He delivers a line with so much verve and poise, that the humor isn't lost in translation.

  4. Kristen Bell Bell plays Cynthia who is married to Jason Bateman's character. She isn't just another blonde in a comedy. Happily donning a prestigious pair of glasses, she never lets stupidity fly. She is the perfect example of a straight laced comedic heroin that learns to let it all hang out in "Couples Retreat."

  5. Jon Favreau Contributing not only his acting chops, Jon Favreau is credited as one of the writers for this film. Joey is happy to cheat on his wife, Lucy. Favreau plays a womanizer so well with his buff shoulders and manly attitude that he is quite the juxtaposition to the loose setting in "Couples Retreat."

  6. Kristen Davis Davis is known for being incredibly innocent, but in "Couple's Retreat" she is nothing like that at all. Bell plays Lucy and is just as eager to cheat on her husband and he is to cheat on her. She delivers her wide-eyed innocence so well during the infamous trip.

  7. Faizon Love Love is completely hilarious as the chubby friend in an awkward relationship. Love plays Shane who is dating a much younger woman fresh off of the heels of his divorce. His ex-wife used to be a friend of all of the other couples, but now, she is gone. Love is hilarious and portrays the sexually explicit member of the cast in "Couples Retreat."

  8. Kali Hawk Her character Trudy is Shane's lover. She is very, very young and keeps the film interesting with her sexcapades. She is rough around the edges, but still has a lot of heart.