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You can literally buy this for a dollar.
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Friday, June 12 by

In general, when it's time to kick some ass, it's time to kick some ass.  Forget what you're wearing and get ready to rumble. This philosophy has been adopted throughout the entire history of cinema, the most recent example being seen in last weekend's #1 film, The Hangover.  Above: Mr Chow (Ken Jeong) makes a balls-out attack on Phil (Bradley Cooper).  Chow's balls are fully out in the theatrical release. But what about other scenes, guys who find themselves fighting in outfits that strike us today as either ridiculous or insanely awesome, or most likely, both? Superheroes, of course, would be cheating, because we all know they almost always look nuts cleaning up the city in their plastic nipples and oversized codpieces. 

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