5 Friendly Vampire Movies Like Twilight
Sunday, February 24 by Lee Keeler

Hide your wooden stakes and put the garlic back in the cupboard, let’s make buddies with some baddies! It’s time to coffin-cuddle your favorite bloodthirsty fiend with five Friendly Vampire…

Young Actors Who Have Been in Rehab
Young Actors Who Have Been in Rehab
Friday, July 8 by

There have been so many young actors who have been in rehab that Hollywood might start installing red carpets at the local recovery centers.

Celebrity Deaths 2010
Thursday, April 28 by Isabel Prontes

For those that are interested in learning more about famous people that have recently passed away, all that is necessary is look at a list of celebrity deaths 2010. From…

Corey Feldman Pulls a Shia Lebeouf for ‘Lost Boys 3′
Tuesday, June 8 by

Goonies 2: Cruise ControlIn a recent interview with Movie Mikes, Corey Feldman pulled a Shia Lebeouf by trashing his last sequel, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and then immediately talking up the next installment, Lost Boys 3: The Thirst. That usally raises a red flag, but after watching the latest trailer for the film, all of my fears were put to rest…NOT!Yes, I just used a horribly outdated Wayne's World catch phrase. But at least Wayne's World had some relevance within the last 20 years. That's more than can be said for The Lost Boys, which hasn't been popular in over two decades.That's not to say Lost Boys 3 looks completely terrible. I'm sure it's a lot more palatable than the Twilight movies all those damn kids keep going on about. And the story of a group of vampire hunters raiding an LA nightclub in order to shoot and kill all of the undead patrons seems cool. It reminds me of a reoccurring dream I've been having, except for all the vampire stuff. (DreadCentral)

Corey Haim Has Died
Wednesday, March 10 by

(Relax, it's apple juice.)The more slurry half of the Coreys has passed away. Corey Haim was found dead this morning after an apparent overdose of prescription drugs. TMZ reports that he collapsed in front of his mother just before 1 AM and was reported dead a little over an hour later after being rushed to the hospital.Haim rose to fame as a 1980's teen heartthob in such films as Silver Bullet, Lucas, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, and Dream a Little Dream. Problems with drug addiction led to a career spiral though he is said to have rehabilitated himself in 2004. He was seen most recently in A&E's The Two Coreys and Crank: High Voltage. He was 38. (TMZ)

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