“COPS” episodes are all shot in real time with real criminals and true crimes. Hailed as the first reality television show, “COPS” began in 1989 on Fox Broadcasting Company. The show follows different cops as they go after criminals, including car chases, kicking down doors, busting drug dealers and other dangerous settings.

“Season 23, Episode 9” Originally aired in December 2010, this is one of the best COPS episode for its suspenseful confrontation between Deputy Sheriff Robert Carpenter and a suicidal man with a box cutter in Washington State. Meanwhile, Florida State cops conduct a sting operation to curtail the sale of prescription painkillers.

“Season 23, Episode One” This COPS episode was aired on September 11, 2010 and is a special episode as it is COPS’ 800th, a milestone for any reality TV show. It features an exciting car chase in Florida and a routine traffic violation ticket in Texas results into the arrest of a man with multiple warrants on him.

“Season 23, Episode Three” This COPS episode is referred to as the “Roadside Crime Special Edition.” It features police officers from Nevada, Oregon, Florida and Las Vegas. Stories include a drug-related fistfight, grand theft auto and more drugs.

“Season 18, Episode Four” An almost comedic and simple arrest of two men attempting to steal a pink flamingo on the premises of a famous Vegas hotel results in a stratling discovery in this episode. It is an interesting episode as a random prank turns into a bigger crime involving stolen credit cards and mobile phones.

“Season 18, Episode Nine” This COPS episode is all about respect. In Florida, the Sheriff’s Department mediates a altercation between a woman and a group of young men playing basketball nearby that were disrupting her quiet time. This episode is about the right to play versus personal space.

“Season 18, Episode 21” This COPS episode aired on March 2006, featuring a Santa Ana policeman named Ken Witt and Ryan Cook of Las Vegas. On a routine questioning in California, Office Witt discovers that the suspect was carrying a loaded gun and bullets, while in Vegas, cops stumble into a marital problem.

“Season 18, Episode 22” Two cops from Pittsburgh chases a car only to discover that the weed the suspect was carrying was the least of his problems. In Tennessee, officers of the Chattanooga Police Department confront a man driving while intoxicated, leading to some violent results.

“Season 18, Episode 28” Broadcast on May 2006, this COPS episode shows features the crazy things people do for a fix or when inebriated. Police officers from Chattanooga are called to assist a woman bleeding on the sidewalk only to discover that she is heavily drunk and even attempts to bite one of the officers on the scene. Meanwhile in Martin County, Florida, a deputy officer questions a woman sauntering down a street notorious for drugs and prostitution, eventually discovering an interesting storage area for a crack pipe-her underwear.

“Season 18, Episode 31” This is an almost funny episode due to mistaken identities. Two Pittsburgh cops chase after a man and his companion due to a huge bulge in his pants. Turns out that the man with the big package was carrying a gun.

“Season 23, Episode 17” The title says it all-“Morons on Parade.” It features segments about an officer using his dog to chase after a suspect as well as stupid acts of teenage boys endangering people by throwing rocks.