Wednesday, June 10 by

Remember when I said they'd make a Commando sequel before they'd reboot the film?  I lied.  Actually, I never said anything about anything.  But the rumors have started flooding in, and Slashfilm has found several instances of corroborating evidence that indeed, a Commando sequel just might be in development… and that it might have a star already willing to take up the John Matrix mantle. The trail of clues starts in Australia, where, according to JoBlo, there's an article in a magazine called RCI that simply states a remake is being developed. Okay.  But what of it?  I heard Fox just optioned the remake of Tom Rothman's dream he had last night, a dream that was essentially a reënvisioning of Garfield 2. But there's more. also has picked up on the possibility that Dwayne Johnson is attached to the film already.  I don't know how I feel about this.  I think I have to meditate on it by watching the GREATEST opening credits sequence of all time… from the original Commando.  You can watch it, too, after the jump.