Thursday, July 23 by

Alls I gots ta say is… let's get Avatarded in here!  We just got out of the AVATAR press conference with none other than James Cameron, and raced back to a quiet place so we could squeal like schoolgirls… and upload these videos of the visionary director talking earnestly about his project.   The huge news revealed today is that on August 21st – "Avatar Day" – select movie theaters and online outlets will be screening 15 minutes of the film for FREE.  That's how confident Twentieth Century Fox and Cameron must be about their product.  In fact, rumor has it that Fox head Tom Rothman cried like a baby during the screening in the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H*. * Not true. So settle in and enjoy Mr. Cameron wax on about his little movie.  PART 1:  Cameron on the film's character design.

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