The 6 Most Badass Movie Snipers
Wednesday, September 5 by Tony Dayton

Nothing enhances a good war movie like a bad-ass sniper scene. Whether it's a World War II movie or a scene from the Vietnam War, sniper scenes can be very…

Friday, May 29 by

The marketing for HBO's True Blood has always had a cool way of re-imagining popular culture with a vampiric twist. For instance, their beverage billboards from last summer that blurred the line between faux and legit. Now in honor of the show's upcoming second season, they've launched; a website that sinks its teeth into juicy vampire gossip. It's like Gawker but less evil.Look at these other morning tidbits…The Final Destination poster is pretty sweet. (UGO)The Hangover 2 is not yet guaranteed. (The Playlist)$70 Zombie Movie looks like it cost at least $80. (io9)Land Of The Lost pics. (Cinema Blend)Behind the scenes of Halloween 2, the newest one. (Dread Central) 

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