10 Best Spanish Movies With English Subtitles
Monday, January 24 by Zach Feral

If you’re looking for the 10 best Spanish movies with English subtitles, you’ve come to the right place. These films will help you practice your Spanish while keeping you entertained….

10 Best Japanese Monster Movies
Monday, January 24 by Alan Rankin

Japan’s “kaiju eiga,” or monster movies, have fans around the world, and each fan will give you a different list of the 10 best Japanese monster movies. The movies on…

5 Best World War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Houlihan Macaco

The best world war movies deliver much more than senseless killing. Great dialogues, characters and plots all contribute to a great war movie. Below are the 5 best world war…

10 Great Movies Of 2008
Monday, January 24 by Jennifer Wright

Sometimes it’s hard to remember just what the greatest movies of a certain year are, so here are 10 great movies of 2008. “The Dark Knight.” “The Dark Knight” starring…

10 Best Sex Scenes In Movies
Monday, January 24 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best sex scenes in movies often overshadow the films they inhabit. Since a good sex scene in a movie is so rare with how puritanical filmmaking has become,…

Top 10 Japanese Movies Ever
Monday, January 24 by Alan Rankin

Japanese filmmakers have had a lasting influence on world culture, as demonstrated by the top 10 Japanese movies ever made. The imagery, characters and stories of Japanese cinema have inspired…

10 Best Old British Movies
Monday, January 24 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best old British movies range from comedies to drama and they all have collaborative efforts from directors, actors, and cinematographers that weld together for exceptional film in the…

10 Most Popular French Movies Ever
Monday, January 24 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 most popular French movies ever are vast and expansive. They typically consist of art house films that changed the way cinema was approached. French movies are known for…

10 Best Drama Movies That Came Out In 2006
Monday, January 24 by Walter Turner

The 10 best drama movies that came out in 2006 include a significant number of films that depict real events or that are fictionalized versions of actual events. Stories based…

10 Best Death Scenes Ever
Monday, January 24 by William Gish

Filled with tragedy, violence, humor, and power, the 10 best death scenes ever vindicate heroes, martyr villains, and allow the audience to live vicariously through the deeds of others. These…

5 Female Martial Arts Movies
Monday, January 24 by BWalter

Here are the coolest 5 female martial arts movies. What's better than a martial arts flick? How about a martial arts flick that's centered around a beautiful woman, or women…

10 Best Comedy Romance Movie
Monday, January 24 by Frances Smith

Learn about the 10 best comedy romance movie experiences so you can enjoy a good chick flick with your girlfriend. There are other movies out there other than fantasy or…

Japanese Martial Arts Movies
Monday, January 24 by BWalter

What are some really good Japanese Martial Arts movies? Who doesn't love a great Martial Arts movie? Everyone. Now, who knows the difference between a Japanese Martial Arts flick and…

5 Best King Arthur Movies
Monday, January 24 by Kali Winters

The 5 best King Arthur movies, inspired by the pagan tales handed down throughout centuries of story telling and books range from funny to romantic. In the beginning of the 1900's, the…

10 Best Movie Fighting Scenes
Monday, January 24 by George Root

The 10 best movie fighting scenes are some of the most exciting scenes in all of film. A movie can be remembered for generations based simply on a fight scene….

10 Best French Drama Movies Ever
Monday, January 24 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best French drama movies ever are all about reaching into the soul and stirring it up. French films are known for making a serious impact on its audiences….

10 Good Fighting Movies
Monday, January 24 by Chuck G.

The 10 goo fighting movies are action packed, some heart-wrenching and some award winners. The sport of fighting has been around since ancient times, however back in those days you…

10 Korean Sexy Movies
Monday, January 24 by arenee

There are 10 sexy Korean movies that you must see if you want to be fully immersed in Korean entertainment culture. Sometimes it is good to take break form the…

10 Most Famous Movie Producers
Monday, January 24 by T. Cousin

The 10 most famous movie producers have been making blockbuster films for decades. A Hollywood producer's job is to participate in the process of making a movie's journey to completion goes as smoothly…

10 Best ‘Friday’ Movie Quotes
Sunday, January 23 by Mike Potts

The 10 best "Friday" movie quotes are tough to pick out. That’s primarily because these hilarious buddy comedies are filled with awesome jokes that are downright quotable. These quotes come…

10 Best Fighting Movies
Sunday, January 23 by George Root

The 10 bes fighting movies of all time is a mix of movies about fighting, and movies with a lot of fighting in them. Sometimes it does a movie good…

10 Best Horror Movies Ever Made
Sunday, January 23 by Shawn Landis

Listed here, in an inviolable order, is a list of the 10 best horror movies ever made. Dracula can bite women in black and white and Bruce Campbell can quest…

10 Funny Short Movies
Saturday, January 22 by George Root

The top 10 funny short movies include classic names such as Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooger and Laurel and Hardy. The funny short movie was at its height of popularity…

10 Best Indie Filmmakers
Saturday, January 22 by Joshua Wade

Consisting of Academy Award winning writers and directors, the ten best indie filmmakers range from newcomers like Zach Braff to seasoned professionals like Wes Anderson and Woody Allen. Exceptionally talented…

10 Classic Romance Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Nicki Porter

If you're looking for movie nights to stir up a little romance, these 10 classic romance movies are guaranteed to woo any woman's heart. It's pure science: no woman can…

10 Best Italian Movies On DVD
Saturday, January 22 by Shawn Lealos

The best Italian movies on DVD presents some of the masters of cinema history. Names like Fellini, Antonioni and Leone got their starts and produced some of their greatest films…

10 Best Films About Africa
Thursday, January 20 by Karsun

If you like films set in Africa or even about Africa, you may want to learn about 10 best films about Africa so you can find a new favorite or…

10 Most Famous Love Movie Quotes
Thursday, January 20 by Joshua Wade

The 10 most famous love movie quotes range from sentimental utterances that helped launch the careers of actresses like Renee Zellweger, to emotional favorites ranked as some of the greatest…

10 Classic Italian Movies
Thursday, January 20 by Alan Rankin

Movie lovers agree the Italian film industry has created some of the best movies ever made, and these are the 10 classic Italian movies you need to see if you…

Top 10 Rated R Movies 2008
Thursday, January 20 by Raina Lorring

Check out these 10 best rated R movies for 2008. This list is full of variety so no matter if you like dark comedies, horror or action there is something…

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