5 Things Your DVD Collection Says About You
Sunday, August 11 by Sasha Moody

  If you didn’t know it yet, you should know by now how much your DVD collection mirrors your personality. Having a vast DVD collection is like having a huge…

10 Sexy Chick Flicks
Tuesday, March 29 by Shawn Lealos

There are more than 10 sexy chick flicks—movies geared towards women that feature hot and sexy scenes that might help a man stick around to watch it to the end—but…

10 Best Chick Flicks 2010
Saturday, February 26 by Joshua Wade

Featuring some of the most prominent actors of the past decade including Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Robert Pattinson, the 10 best chick flicks of 2010 consist of powerful romantic…

10 Best Korean Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by T. Cousin

Here are the 10 best Korean chick flicks. Romance movies have always been the choice for anyone who is, or wants to be in love. Check out this must-see list of Korean…

10 Best Romantic Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by Charlie Walker

Pick any of these 10 best romantic chick flicks and you'll show that special someone you have a sensitive, softer side. These movies don’t have to be just for date night….

10 Good Girl Movies
Saturday, December 4 by Ziggy Coventry

It may seem counter intuitive, but ever guy should know of at least 10 good girl movies. The reason is two fold. First, watching a good girl movie, or chick…

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