For those who like to watch movies that feature a little hanky panky, below is a list of films with some of the hottest female celebrity sex scenes. Some of these scenes occurred before the actresses became a household names, while others took place during the peaks or twilight of their careers. 

  1. "Porky's" "Porky's" is the movie where sexy actress Kim Cattrall participated in her first celebrity sex scene. Playing the role of Miss Honeywell, Cattrall's scene involved her having sex in a boys locker room. During the scene, she shows off her young, sexy body.

  2. "Gia" In the movie "Gia ,"  Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell are involved in one of the hottest celebrity sex scenes ever, when they have intercourse in Jolie's apartment after a steamy photo shoot. During the scene, both actresses bare there fabulous breasts. As an added bonus, viewers get a full view of Jolie's impressive backside.

  3. "Something's Gotta Give" Even at age 57, Diane Keaton proves she is still sexy. In the movie "Something's Gotta Give," Keaton gave a memorable performance as she earned a Golden Globe for her role as playwright, Erica Barry. In the movie, her and co-star Jack Nicholson engage in a very memorable sex scene at a beach house during a heavy thunderstorm.

  4. "Boogie Nights" Sexy Julianne Moore participated in the film's steamiest celebrity sex scene when she and Mark Wahlberg had sex on top of a desk. Not only were Moore's facial expressions hot as hell, but when she whispered in Wahlberg's ear, that was down right sexy.

  5. "Basic Instinct" Sharon Stone was involved in one of the sexiest celebrity scenes of all time when she tied Michael Douglas to her bed and had her way with him. While the movie's storyline was impressive, it was Stone's nude scenes that were the most memorable.

-Tony Dayton