Get an eye full with these celeb boobs. Big boobs. Small boobs. Admit you just love boobs. These lovely celebs have some of the best boobs and they don’t mind showing the world.

  1. Penelope Cruz These celeb boobs are attached to one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Cruz started off in ballet and had dreams of being a dancer. At the age of fifteen she turned to acting with roles on Spanish TV shows. Some of her notable work includes “All About My Mother,” “Blow,” “All the Pretty Horses” and “Vanilla Sky.”

  2. Jennifer Tilly This celeb with the cute cartoon voice isn’t afraid to show off her boobs. Tilly is best known for her work in two of the “Child’s Play” movies. She first showed off her boobs in “Shadow of the Wolf,” which was one of her first big roles. She also had a rather naughty girl on girl scene in “Bound.”

  3. Halle Berry This hot celeb first appeared under the spotlight at the Miss USA Pageant. She was also on the TV series “Living Dolls.” Over the years she has shown that she knows how to work with what she has and she’s not afraid to show her celeb boobs off. Some of her notable roles include “Jungle Fever,” “Boomerang,” “The Flintstones,” “Swordfish,” Monster’s Ball,” “Gothika” and the "X-Men" movies.

  4. Salma Hayek This is one of the most successful celebs in Hollywood that isn’t afraid to show off her boobs on the big screen. Hayek first bared her breast to the world in “Desperado.” Her amazing celeb boobs gained her even more attention with her role as a stripper that walked on stage with a python in “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

  5. Monica Bellucci This Italian-born celebrity got her start as a model and then moved on to TV. Originally, her plan was to pursue a legal career and she modeled to help pay for school. Some of her notable roles that help show off her famous celeb boobs (and the rest of her!) are the 1992 “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” “Brotherhood of the Wolf” and “The Matrix Reloaded.”

  6. Milla Jovovich Okay so they’re not the biggest boobs out there, but these are probably the sexiest small celeb boobs around. And Jovovich is not afraid to show them off, which is becoming uncommon for a celeb with small boobs in a Hollywood where anyone can have DDs. One of her most notable photo shots was the very revealing one in “Purple" magazine in 2009. Jovovich got her start as a model at a young age. She has appeared in several movies including “Two Moon Junction,” “Kuffs,” “The Fifth Element,” “Ultraviolet” and the “Resident Evil” movies.

  7. Scarlett Johansson These celeb boobs have teased male movie goers for years. Johansson has only bared her very natural and very large boobs in a few glimpses on the big screen. She’s also done many well photoshoots that show off just enough of her famous boobs. Some of her movie roles include “The Horse Whisperer,” "Girl with a Pearl Earring,” “A Good Woman” and “Lost in Translation.”

  8. Jennifer Love Hewitt Are they real? Are they fake? Who cares! Most celebs with amazing boobs get accused of having implants. Hewitt has had a lot of accusations thrown at her, but it doesn’t hurt how amazing her boobs are. This hot celebrity got her start as a child actress in Disney’s “Kids Incorporated” and shot to stardom on the hit TV show “Party of Five.”  

  9. Catherine Bell This notable TV Celeb is not afraid to show off her boobs. Bell is best known for her work on the TV shows “JAG” and “Army Wives.” She was also a body double in “Death Becomes Her” and bared her breast for actress Isabella Rossellini.

  10. Keeley Hazell This British Celeb has natural 32Es and she loves to show them off. Do we need to say more? Hazell got her start as a model and has been featured in several publications nude. She got her film start in the 2006 movie “Cashback” where she played a topless girl in a store.

- Raina Lorring