We put together these “Catfish” spoilers so that you don’t waste two hours of your life. On the surface “Catfish” is a cautionary tale of the perils of meeting people online. A lesson that would have been well learned, however this little tale of woe could have been avoided if someone would have taken two minutes to do a Google search.

Niv is 24 year old photographer based in New York City. In 2007 Nev gets an email on Facebook from a eight year old girl named Abbey, asking if she could do a drawing of one of his photographs. Abbey it turns out is some kind of child prodigy and begins sending Niv her paintings on a regular basis. Through sending him Abbey’s paintings Niv builds a friendship with her mom Angela and a romance with Abbey’s 19 year old sister Megan. After eight months of talking to Angela and sexting Megan Nev, his brother Ariel and their best friend Henry get suspicious of the family and decide to pay them a visit at their home in rural Michigan. Niv’s first clue that something is wrong with this family during an IM chat with Megan. Claiming to be a singer, Megan begins sending Nev songs that she claims to have written. But something isn’t right about that tracks that Megan is sending him. Nev and company do a quick Google search and find the exact song online on YouTube. When Nev questions Megan about the song she blows it off as a cover song, but Niv isn’t buying it and would have broken off contact completely if not for Henry and Ariel's decision to make "Catfish" to document his experience.

The first person Nev and company decided to check out on their trip to Michigan is Abbey and her art work. Nev looks up the building where Abbey is supposed to have a gallery only to find that there is no gallery and the space is still on the market. Next they check out the seductive Megan. They go to the horse farm where she claims to live and finds the place abandoned. After their night of of exploring the wilds of rural Michigan the boys make a plan to crash the family’s Sunday breakfast. When they make their way to the family homestead, instead of being greeted by Angela--the smoking hot MILF from little Abbey’s paintings of her mom; they’re greeted by the real Angela. A short, pasty, dumpy housewife; and while Angela is sweet she is nothing like the woman in the pictures that Abbey painted of her mom. This is the part where "Catfish" should start to get interesting, but instead this is the part where it gets predictable and sad.

After spending an evening with Angela and her family it’s all beginning to come together for Nev and the boys; while Abbey is a year 8 year old girl, she is no child prodigy; sure she likes to color and draw but she’s more comfortable with crayons and finger paints and isn’t concerned with water colors , oils and galleries. Angela is the artist behind all of the paintings. The alluring Megan was is rouse as well. Angela doesn’t have a 19 year old daughter. Those pictures on her Facebook page are pictures of some model and Nev has been sexting the forty and frumpy Angela all along.

In the end we know someone who has experienced something like “Catfish” before. You get some random email on some social networking site and the person seems cool at first. But after your talk for awhile you get the feeling that something is off and sure enough the person is some kind of scamster. You laugh it off glad that you didn’t send anyone any money, and you do a little research before chatting up an random online stranger. In “Catfish” it’s hard to decide which one is sadder; Nev for falling for this scam for eight months, or Angela for being compelled to perpetrate such an elaborate ruse. "Catfish" would have been funny and maybe enlightening  if both parties didn’t come off so sad and desperate.