Alice Eve In Lead to Be Captain America’s Wifey
Thursday, April 8 by

With the news that Emily Blunt told Marvel they could cram their Peggy Carter role up their puckering crap-crave (I'm paraphrasing), we were left with Keira Knightley and Alice Eve in the running to play Captain America's leading lady. E! reports that Knightley told Marvel to squat on a pineapple (paraphrasing again), which means that She's Out of My League's Eve is the frontrunner for the role.Or once again, one of the frontrunners for the role rather. It was also announced that British actress Hayley Atwell is now up for the part. Damn it, people making Captain America. Just pick already. The sooner you finish casting, the sooner we can laugh at Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan in their ridiculous spandex costumes. (Eats Easy Mac with air of superiority, spills on Pokemon shirt).

More ‘Spider-Man 4′ Bull-Hooey
Tuesday, November 17 by

I turned out to be right when I reported last week that Rachel McAdams was definitely cast as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 maybe. Today comes word from the actress that it is nothing more than an Internet rumor:“That’s a total rumor, I have to say,” the actress, who will next be seen in the Dec. 25 action-adventure tentpole Sherlock Holmes, tells EW. “I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you’re doing Spider-Man 4.' And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!’ It’s not true.” A rep for Sony Pictures concurs: “It’s an Internet rumor, as so many things are these days.”See? So I was totally right possibly. But wait! There's more vague rumors surrounding the picture. A casting call for an adorable red-headed toddler went out yesterday leading many to speculate that Mary Jane Watson will be a mommy in the sequel. Whether the kid has any relation to Peter Parker remains to be seen. Casting will be difficult. They want a child who has both red hair and is adorable? Good luck dudes.(Entertainment Weekly)

Rachel McAdams Is Definitely Cast In ‘Spiderman 4′ Maybe
Tuesday, November 10 by

 Yeesh. So many Spiderman 4 rumors going around lately that I feel like I'm enrolled at Spiderman Regional High. We recently told you that Dylan Baker would be returning to the role of Dr. Curt Connors. That lead to speculation that the Lizard would finally metamorph onto the big screen. And now the latest rumors have Rachel McAdams (or maybe Romola Garai) being considered to play the Black Cat in the webslinger's fourth flick. Please bear in mind that NONE of this news is official. Though I'm sure everyone would be excited to see McAdams don the pleather.Honestly though, I wish the rumor mill would cease. If so many people continue to go in and out of Spiderman, soon it's going to be more than his spidey sense that's tingling. And the school nurse doesn't have a lotion for that. Trust me… (First Showing)

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