The cast of “Lost” came together and helped create one of the most iconic television shows in television history. The series, a genre offering of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, took a giant ensemble cast and created a world where every character played a major role in the outcome of the series finale.

  1. Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia plays Hurley, an overweight millionaire who is cursed, bringing destruction to everything it seems he touches. One of his earliest popular roles was in the movie “Old School” and he has since spoofed his “Lost” role on the TV comedy “How I Met Your Mother.”

  2. Naveen Andrews – Naveen Andrews plays military assassin Sayid in the cast of “Lost.” Sayid is the one person in the survivors of the plane crash who is trained to successfully defend himself when the “others” attack. Andrews has also starred in the Robert Rodriguez exploitation flick, “Planet Terror.”

  3. Matthew FoxMatthew Fox is the closest there is to a lead character in the cast of “Lost.” Fox plays a physician named Jack who is plagued with guilt over the recent death of his father and the divorce from his wife. Fox gained popularity on the TV series “Party of Five.”

  4. Josh Holloway – Josh Holloway is the bad boy in the cast of “Lost.” Before being stranded on the island, Sawyer was a con-man, ruthlessly stealing from anyone he could sucker into one of his schemes. Holloway’s breakout was in the music video for Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.”

  5. Daniel Dae Kim – Daniel Dae Kim plays Jin, an Asian who worked as an enforcer for his wife’s father. His character suffers from being the only person in the group of survivors who cannot speak English. Kim now stars on the TV series, “Hawaii 5-0.”

  6. Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly stars as Kate, the main female member of the cast of “Lost.” She spends much of the series involved in a love triangle with Sawyer and Jack but hold a dangerous past as well. Her only other good role outside of “Lost” is a cameo on the Oscar winning movie “The Hurt Locker.”

  7. Terry O’Quinn – Terry O’Quinn stars as Locke, a mysterious member of the survivors who regains his ability to walk upon crashing on the island and is the main member who does not want to leave the island. Terry O’Quinn also played a large role in the TV series “Alias.”

  8. Michael EmersonMichael Emerson plays Ben, the main antagonist in the cast of “Lost.” Ben is the leader of “the others” and the man who hunts down and imprisons the main survivors of the flight. Emerson also appeared in the first installment of the “Saw” franchise.

  9. Dominic Monaghan – Dominic Monaghan stars as Charlie, a former star in a pop rock band that suffers from a drug addiction when he crashes onto the island. Monaghan is best known to movie goers as Merry, one of the Hobbits from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

  10. Harold Perrineau – Harold Perrineau stars in the cast of “Lost” as Michael Dawson, a father stranded on the island with his son. When his son is abducted, Harold turns on his friends to save him. Perrineau also starred in “The Matrix” as well as “Romeo + Juliet.”

- Shawn Lealos