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I have nothing to say about this image other than a) Thank you,SickPigs.com for bringing this masterpiece to my attention and b) if you are the person responsible for this masterpiece and you like "Dexter," then I have a Dexter Bobblehead courtesy of Showtime Networks for you.  Just email us with evidence at feedback@screenjunkies.com and we'll reward you.  Today's Top Links:    Christina Marie                      Red Carpet Moments           Nick Cage Hires Witch Doctor             NBA Finals Girlfriends          Microsoft's New Gaming         Best Performances of 2000s                  Why Does TV Suck?       Star Wars/80s TV Mashups       Brock Lesnar Smashes Odor                 Actresses Get Ripped            Women Make Men Dumb       Warrant Over One-Piece               Etiquette Issues                    5 Types of Dog Owners           Cooking With Beer                Fight  Turns into Strip            Clash Of The Titans Pic            Modern Day Jesus                  Pwned in an Elevator        Congressman Protests NBA       

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