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TBS Orders Pilot From The ‘Super Troopers’ And ‘Beerfest’ Guys
Tuesday, December 16 by

TBS has weird taste in shows.

They should at least DRESS like the Super Troopers, right?
The ‘Super Troopers’ Fellas Are Making A TBS Sitcom That Sounds Pretty Sitcom-y
Wednesday, August 6 by

It will not be ‘Super Troopers': The Series, unfortunately.

UPDATED: Broken Lizard Smartly Employs Olivia Munn As ‘Baby Maker’
Tuesday, June 7 by

Munn is going from Aaron Sorkin’s sure-to-be-classy HBO pilot to comedy troupe Broken Lizard’s sure-to-be-Broken-Lizardy new movie.

Paul Schneider Will Steal His Sperm Back In Broken Lizard’s ‘The Baby Makers’
Friday, May 27 by

Jason Bateman wasn’t available.

Super Troopers Quotes
Wednesday, April 20 by Mishka Bulldozer

This collection of "Super Troopers" quotes is sure to have you laughing until your sides hurt. As this author's personal favorite film of all time, there's no denying that "Super Troopers"…

Johnny Knoxville Is Totally Not A ‘Stooge’
Tuesday, March 15 by

The ‘Jackass’ star has backed out of the Farrelly Brothers’ reboot of ‘The Three Stooges’, but may become an official mustache rider instead.

‘The Slammin’ Salmon’ Salmon Chowder Eating Contest Happened
Thursday, December 10 by

In an effort to promote their new movie, The Slammin' Salmon, the Broken Lizard gang held a salmon chowder eating contest at City Crab & Seafood in New York City. Gluton Bob Shoudt broke the Major League Eating capacity record after eating 2.4 gallons and more than 24 pounds of chowder in 6-minutes. A disgusted and bewildered Michael Clarke Duncan served as guest judge and the Broken Lizards were amateur coaches at the Major League Eating contest. Eater X, Badlands Booker, Crazy Legs Conti and Allen "Shredder" Goldstein competed along with amateur hopefuls. I threw up in my mouth. Never have I seen so much stewed oil, cream, and fish shoveled into an orifice. I hope everyone at this contest felt very bad about themselves after. The human body isn't meant to tolerate so much thick, white liquid. Hence the stomach pump. 

Broken Lizard Promotes Fish Abuse With ‘Slammin’ Salmon’ Trailer
Monday, November 9 by

***Sigh*** When will Hollywood stop playing host to such vicious, celebratory depictions of retired-boxer-on-fish violence? The trailer for Broken Lizard's Slammin' Salmon easily sets the movement back at least 11 days. Maybe 12.Check it out after the jump and start picketing. Fish hooks aren't for fish! Fish hooks aren't for fish!

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