Every guy needs to know a few “Braveheart” quotes to pull from this epic action flick. The movie features Mel Gibson as the Scottish hero, William Wallace, who leads his men into battle against the English during the 13th century. Here are the most memorable lines from the classic guy’s film.

  1. “Loved you. Always have.” Part of the "Braveheart" movie is a love story, and William Wallace utters these lines in a thick Scottish accent to Murron. They share a passionate night, but Murron is killed by the English and inspires Wallace’s quest for revenge.

  2. “Bring me Wallace. Alive if possible, dead just as good.” Villain Longshanks delivers this “Braveheart” quote to his soldiers. After Wallace begins a rebellion, the English are determined to capture and torture him to set an example to the Scots.

  3. “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” William Wallace utters these lines before entering battle with his soldiers. The “Braveheart” quote pretty well sums up with film, as the Scots risk death in order to rid themselves of England’s oppressive rule. Wallace’s speech is one of the best scenes of the film.

  4. “Every man dies; not every man really lives.” William Wallace utters another gem of wisdom in this “Braveheart” quote. He uses this reasoning to convince other Scots to join in the fight, sinc fighting for freedom and fairness is true living.

  5. “FREEDOM!” William Wallace loved talking about freedom in the film, and his final word is the most memorable line from the movie. In this “Braveheart” quote, Mel Gibson’s character is suffering through evisceration and is supposed to repent to the English. Instead he screams “Freedom!” right before his painful death.

- Layla Sinclair