Don't cry for them, Judd Apatow will scoop them up before they hit the ground.
HBO Kills ‘How To Make It In America’, ‘Bored To Death’, And ‘Hung’
Wednesday, December 21 by

Unless they were going to create a new day of the week, this was bound to happen.

4 Bored To Death Episodes That Every Wannabe Detective Should Watch
Sunday, December 4 by Frost
8 Bored To Death Quotes To Use While Talking About The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker
Friday, December 2 by Joseph Gibson

The HBO sitcom "Bored to Death" is one of the most erudite shows on TV, mixing madcap comedy with highbrow literary dialogue. The show is about a young and struggling…

HBO’s ‘Bored to Death’ Season 2 Trailer
Monday, June 14 by

In the HBO comedy "Bored to Death," Jason Schwartzman plays a struggling writer who is trying his hand at detective work. As a struggling writer myself, the show inspired me to do a little detective work of my own. And as luck would have it, my keen detective skills helped me find this "Bored to Death" Season 2 trailer featuring Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis. I also found a Helen Keller Simulator and some "Night Court" fanfiction, but I figured you'd be more impressed with the trailer. Watch the "Bored to Death" Season 2 trailer after the jump.

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