7 Horrific Visions of A Nuclear Apocalypse In Movies
Saturday, January 19 by Lee Keeler

In the lens of Hollywood, the world of tomorrow can be portrayed in variations that are as terrifying as they are accidentally comedic. Be it a Costner that flops or…

5 Spring Break Movies You Could Watch Instead of Going On Spring Break
Monday, September 10 by Tony Dayton

  For those looking to watch movies featuring women wearing little or no clothes at all, a good spring break flick is in order. There have been several spring break…

The 6 Most Amazing Amazon Women In Film
Tuesday, July 24 by Tony Dayton

Amazon women in films are amazing in more than one way. First of all, for the most part, they are tall. Depending on the actresses, they can be over six…

52 Animated Gifs Of Katy Perry’s Boobs
Friday, July 6 by

An entire gallery dedicated to our favorite part of her.

Plan Your Weekend: 85 Jennifer Love Hewitt GIFs
Wednesday, April 11 by

All hail TV’s most well-liked prostitute!!

Dr. Drew Proves At Least Courtney Stodden’s Boobs Are Real (Video)
Tuesday, November 8 by

They’re real. And they’re spectacular.

Cartoon Boobs In Movies
Saturday, April 30 by Mishka Bulldozer

If you like things a little sexier, then you're going to love some of these cartoon boobs in movies. The following selections feature some of the sexiest lines of pen…

25 Greatest Bikini Scenes In Cinema History
Wednesday, March 2 by

In all fairness, these women objectified themselves, and I’m simply compiling the list.

10 Best Car Sex Scenes
Saturday, February 5 by Tony Dayton

When composing a list of the 10 best car sex scenes, there are many factors to consider. Number one, is the female hot? A hot female goes a long way…

10 Hottest Topless Beauties
Saturday, November 27 by Greg Hawood

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sara santos playboy tv 300
Playboy TV to Mock Lonely Men with Shows Aimed at Couples
Wednesday, November 17 by

In order to avoid waking mother, most viewers will be watching with the audio off. This makes it difficult to say whether they will notice the ‘couple friendly’ intent of the programs. After all, these are the same people who haven’t yet noticed that boobies are free on the Internet.

‘Conan’ Set Pictures: There Will Be Boobs
Tuesday, August 31 by

Watch out Andrew WK. It looks like Conan the Barbarian is getting into the partying hard business. These set photos from Marcus Nispel's remake show Jason Momoa's Conan cutting loose like some weird Charlie Sheen/Tom Sizemore hybrid partybeast. Mead-chugging. Shirtless piggyback rides. Bare breasts. This must be how Hugh Hefner partied when he was a boy in ancient Greece.
Momoa is an animal! Could we have a contender for that Belushi biopic?
Check out the Cimmerian orgy after the jump…

‘Jersey Shore’ JWoww Naked Pics For Sale
Tuesday, January 26 by

File this one under: What Took So Long?RadarOnline.com has discovered that nude photos of Jersey Shore's JWoww are being shopped around to media outlets. The photos show JWoww (aka Jenni Farley), and those silicon bulbs attached to her chest, posing topless with a small wrap around her bottom. The photographer made the strange choice of shooting the pictures with moody lighting against a brownish backdrop. I'd have assumed that the pics would be taken in front of an Italian flag or that rustic wallpaper they have up at Olive Garden. Guess she's saving that for her Hustler spread. (RadarOnline)

‘Paranormal Activity’ Spawns Porno Knock-Off
Tuesday, October 27 by

Paranormal Activity is an undoubted success. It cost $11,000 to make and has raked in over $62 million at the box office. I don't have a calculator on hand but when you do the math the profits equal a f*ckload. Of course a sequel is being talked about but more importantly the attention has warranted a pornographic knock-off. Or knockers-off, in this case:Dread Central has alerted us to Jim Wynorski's Para-Knocker's Activity. Yes, the Spielberg of Boob Cinema is taking on the ghost genre and giving it a kinky edge. Filming is slated to begin right after Halloween (presumably because Halloween props will be marked down). Look for it this Spring at the Cans Film Festival.

Wednesday, June 3 by

Ridiculous Dead Snow Promo – Watch more MOVIE TRAILERSOur friend Dustin Rowles over at Pajiba stooped below his normal level of journalistic excellence in order to bring everyone's attention to this ridiculous promo for Dead Snow, the Norwegian Nazi Zombie horror flick we posted the trailer for a few days back.  If anyone can spot just how this video pertains to the film, you win a Screen Junkies tee-shirt.  You know how confident I am that you won't find a direct correlation?  Because we don't even have Screen Junkies tee-shirts right now.  (If you'll settle for a Holy Taco one, that's a different story.)  Today's Top Links: Josh Brolin Is Cowboy Two-Face (FilmDrunk) The 10 Greatest Conan O' Brien Characters (Manofest) Hot Tiffany Joy Gallery (GorillaMask) 5 Kinds of People Who Dont Pick Up Their Dogs Shit (RegretfulMorning) Cartoon Chicks Brawling (TheBachelorGuy) Rick Santorum Dating Advice (Asylum) Recent Grads Twitter Page (Holytaco) THe Amazing Click-A-Chick (BustedCoverage) Sexy Lana Cox (Uncoached) Left 4 Dead Trailer (Unreality) The Electric Cherry (Walyou) Turkish Talk Show Brawl (NothingToxic) Sweet Tetris Orgy (Atomfilms) The Pour Elle Remake (Filmofilia)

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