Whether you’re reading the manga, watching the anime or playing the video games, these “Bleach” characters are Karakura Town’s main defense against the monstrous Hollows. These guys are no ordinary humans; each character has a special power that proves useful in battle. Not to mention they have rather snazzy wardrobes.

  1. Ichigo Among the “Bleach” characters, Ichigo is the leading man. He’s easy to distinguish thanks to his bright orange hair and serious expressions. Although he’s rough around the edges, Ichigo is a kind-hearted individual. He’s especially protective of his friends and family. Once he pulls out his sword, Zangetsu, he can overcome most adversaries. 

  2. Rukia  Rukia is the mysterious and levelheaded “Bleach” character whose poor drawing skills balance out he fighting prowess. Earlier in the story, she lends Ichigo her supernatural Soul Reaper powers. Unfortunately, Soul Society, the land of Soul Reapers, forbids this act of charity and seeks to punish Rukia.

  3. Ishida Here’s one of the many “Bleach” characters who serves as a rival for Ichigo. Although he initially dislikes Ichigo, they form a rough bond as the series progresses. Ishida is one of the last Quincy, a group of warriors that utilized bows and arrows made from spiritual energy.

  4. "Chad" Sado Chad is the strong and silent “Bleach” character, possessing the ability to transform his arm into weapon of destruction. He has been a loyal friend to Ichigo for years and continues to support the orange-haired hero, even when supernatural threats stroll into town.

  5. Orihime Orihime is a seemingly happy-go-lucky girl with a bit of naïve streak; however, beneath her cheerful façade hides an unhappy soul with various insecurities. Her power, the Shun Shun Rikka, allows her to summon six fairy-like creatures that will defend her, attack foes and heal allies.