These best Latin American movies are great films that have exceptional acting and plots. You'll enjoy the entertaining aspects of each film with great character development and scripts. You don't want to miss out on these exceptional works of Latin American cinema.

  1. "Amores Perros" Starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Goya Toledo, this great Latin American film has an intriguing plot you'll definitely appreciate. The film tells the story of three different, yet intersecting lives. A movie about love and tragedy, this film is a truly captivating work of art.

  2. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" This film stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, both remarkable actors that help make this film absolutely amazing. The film explores friendship, love and sex in a tangled love triangle. You'll be glued to the screen while watching this exceptional Latin American movie.

  3. "Cidade de Deus" This Brazilian film follows the lives of two boys who take very different paths after growing up in the same neighborhood. It features a perfectly directed film with the amazing acting of Alexandre Rodrigues and Leandro Firmino. This film is a true gem of Latin American cinema that you won't want to miss.

  4. "La Cienaga" This Argentinian film explores the issues of childhood vs. adulthood, investigating the power dynamics between the two groups. While the adults are alcoholics, the film explores the behavior and autonomy of children under poor guidance. With the amazing director Lucrecia Martel, "La Cienaga" became a powerful Latin American movie that is well worth watching.

  5. "La Nina Santa" This outstanding Latin American movie features the great acting of Mercedes Moran and Carlos Belloso. This is a radical film exploring lust, attraction, religion and teen sexuality. Through the lives of hotel owner Helena and her daughter Amalia, this movie tells a powerful story.