The best independent film directors all demonstrate a sense of freedom in their films that’s often lacking in many big studio productions. Some of these directors have worked with big studios on some of their films, but even in those cases, they always bring a special spark. Many of these filmmakers have pushed the envelope in terms of social mores and helped change cinema by redefining what films can be.

  1. David Lynch. Almost no other independent film director can claim to be more iconoclastic than David Lynch. Some of his more interesting films are “Eraserhead,” and “Lost Highway.”

  2. Quentin Tarantino. This director helped start the independent revolution of the 1990's. He’s known for over the top violence and amazing dialogue, along with a willingness to pay tribute to classic drive-in cinema. Some of his greater works are “Pulp fiction,” and “Kill Bill.”

  3. David Cronenberg. This Canadian independent film director is always pushing the envelope and shocking audiences with his audacity. Some of his better works include “Videodrome,” and “Existenz.”

  4. Sammy Fuller. This director was known for his hard hitting tough guy sensibilities. He worked with studios a lot of the time and also created several independent films. Some of his best works include “The Naked Kiss,” and “Shock Corridor.”

  5. Roger Corman. This icon helped start the independent film movement and made great contributions as both a director and a producer. Some of his more entertaining works include “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and “Teenage Caveman.”

  6. George Romero. This independent film director brought zombies to the big screen and set a new bar for violence in cinema. His best films include “Night of the Living Dead,” and “Dawn of the Dead.”

  7. John Waters. Very few independent film directors ever pushed boundaries like this guy. If you want to see some truly shocking cinema, see his film “Pink Flamingoes.”

  8. Spike Lee. This independent film director has made some of the most socially conscious and insightful films of all time. Some of his best works include “Do the Right Thing,” and “He Got Game.”

  9. Kevin Smith. This is another independent film director that helped push the envelope during the 1990's. He’s known for hilarious dialogue and smart storylines. The comedy classics “Clerks,” and “Mallrats” are probably his best known film.

  10. Atom Egoyan. This Canadian director is known for telling his stories in an unpredictable way. He also has incredible skill as a visual stylist. His best film is “Exotica”.